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Important information regarding housing for fall 2015:

(April 7:) Many of you are receiving information from The University of Copenhagen these days that your application for an exchange semester or a 2-year Masters for the fall 2015 is being processed/has been accepted. Please note that you cannot apply for housing in advance regardless of how early you receive your letter of admission. Invitations for the fall semester 2015 will be sent out mid-to late June. Please read more here.

You can find all the information about the booking system itself, our various housing options, average prices, terms and conditions when renting via us etc. etc. on this website - this is all required reading, so please take some time to read it carefully.

Remember to check whether you are eligible for housing via our office, or not.

The student residence Tietgenkollegiet in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen. Image by

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH Housing Foundation) is an independent foundation which assists international students and researchers coming to University of Copenhagen in finding accommodation while in Copenhagen.  

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation is  not a part of the University of Copenhagen, it is a private foundation, but naturally the two institutions work closely together. However, all questions regarding your accommodation should be directed to us:, and not to the University of Copenhagen.

We are the only entity providing housing services for the University of Copenhagen. Housing service in various parts of the university such as at The International Office and at the Housing Department of the Faculty of Science has been transferred to the UCPH Housing Foundation.

We are a group of 7 employees, most of us being transferred from various housing departments at the University of Copenhagen. This means that no knowledge will be lost, both in regards to university procedures but also in regards to years of experience working with accommodation for international students and staff.

We are:
Charlotte Simonsen, Director of Housing
Marianne Høimann, Housing Coordinator (Student contact)
Eva Louise Troels Petersen, Housing Coordinator (Student contact)
Julie Rosenkilde Hannibal, Project Manager & PA
Katrine-Sofie Schlie Russell, Finance and Accounts Manager (maternity leave 2015-2016)
Lena Bech Pedersen, Finance and Accounts Manager (maternity cover 2015-2016)
Anelise Drew-Eskesen, Finance assistant

Board of Directors:
Grete Bertelsen, Chairman
Anders Boe Hauggaard
Lone Lund-Rasmussen

This website provides you with all the necessary information about:

The various housing options available

Guidelines on how to apply

All practical information regarding your arrival, during your stay and also about your departure

Danish universities do not generally own housing facilities for guests and students. Danish students typically live at home, in private flats, or in one of the residence halls in the Greater Copenhagen area. Accommodation for our international students and guests we have to find through public as well as private housing companies.

Housing in the city of Copenhagen is difficult to find and it is very important to apply as soon as you have received the invitation from us to apply in our online system.

For the time being we have approximately 1000 rooms available for our approximately 3000 arriving guests a year. This means we depend on private home owners to ensure that everyone has a place to live once they arrive.

Please take some time to explore the different housing options we offer and this way also prepare to reserve your accommodation once we send you your invitation to apply online.