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1 housing offer per person - what does this mean exactly?

The UCPH Housing Foundation aims to give 1 housing offer, as a minimum, per applicant. In the online booking system, a housing offer is defined as being listed as an option under the step ‘Room availability’, like the below image:

In this case the person has several housing options to choose from in the booking system. The system has preselected the room ‘Kina Kollegiet 218’ for her, but she is free to choose one of the other options – meaning she has had several housing offers. This also applies if she does not wish to book any of them, e.g. due to price, location or housing type.

In the below example, the person has 2 housing options – meaning he has gotten 2 housing offers from us:

The Booking System logs all of your activity, so it is always possible for us to look up exactly which options (= offers) you have had at what date and time. 

The list of available housing options might be empty the first time you log in, this can happen when all the options are being held by other tenants for 30 minutes, so please try again later - you should always check the system frequently.

Choosing a housing option

Please note that it is not possible to request a specific housing option before entering the booking system. You are required to choose between the available options shown in the system.

When all your basic information is filled in you proceed to a list of your housing options. The options are generally first come, first served but the hall of residence/housing administers may also have some requirements such as gender, age, length of rental period, type of applicant etc.

If an option you expected to see does not show in your list; it is either because there are no more vacancies or that you are not eligible for that option. For instance, if you are a one semester student your list will not show rooms solely offered to two semester students.

Please note that if you take a long time to study the list, some options may have been taken by other students in the meantime and the list will need to be refreshed.

Accepting an option

Once you have chosen one option from the list. You will be required to formally confirm the booking. You have 30 minutes to complete this procedure - during which time the room is reserved for you. If you do not do so, the room is no longer reserved and may be taken by another student. You cannot reserve several rooms at the same time.

An offer an also be from a private landlord

Getting an offer from a private landlord is also considered to be a housing offer.