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Studying or working for more than 1 year?

The UCPH Housing Foundation can help you with housing for maximum 2 semesters/12 months. If you are going to be studying longer than that in Copenhagen, it is a good idea to apply for a room directly through either KKIK or CIU (see below). It typically takes up to 1 year before you get offered a room through any of these offices (this also applies to Danish students), and therefore it's a good idea to register yourself when you first arrive in Denmark. That way there is a high chance that you can move directly from UCPH Housing Foundation housing and into a room administered by KKIK or CIU.

You can apply for a room in a hall of residence directly through the Student- and Youth Accommodation Office Copenhagen (KKIK). Download application guidelines

All rooms rented out by KKIK are unfurnished.

You can also apply for a room in a hall of residence directly through the Central Nomination Committee (CIU). Download application guidelines

All rooms rented out by CIU are unfurnished.

Normally only students who are in Copenhagen for two semesters can apply directly with the halls of residence.

You can read more about these offices and about housing for students in Copenhagen, on the website of Københavns Kommune

Purchasing housing service

There are a number of housing agencies in Copenhagen renting out furnished and unfurnished flats. Below are listed some:

Copenhagen Housing is an agency that acts as the go-between between you and the rental market in Copenhagen - they are independent from all administrators and landlords. You can read more about ther services here.

Other sites

The Blue Newspaper (Den Blå Avis) online carries adds on a range of things including rooms and flats for rent. The site is only available in Danish, but may be useful if you use UCPH's dictionary. You pay a small fee to log on to the Blue Newspaper adds. and are two of the largest online housing portals in Denmark. Here you'll find furnished, unfurnished, short term and long term housing in all of Denmark. The site administrators do their best to keep scammers off the site, but there is no guarantee that all adds are reliable, so PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS and use your common sense. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Here you'll find a list of do's and dont's when searching for housing online.