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Unfurnished Property

If you are coming alone or with your family and are more interested in long-term housing, you might consider renting an apartment from the property office (Ejendomskontoret). All of Ejendomskontoret's housing is unfurnished, and they offer larger apartments than we do, so it's a good option if you prefer to bring your own furniture, or if you simply do not feel the housing options offered by the UCPH Housing Foundation meet your needs.

Please take a look at Ejendomskontorets website to see what they offer: www.ejendomskontoret.dk.

When you rent through Ejendomskontoret, it is the UCPH Housing Foundation that signs the rental agreement directly with Ejendomskontoret, but you (and only you) will be liable for the state of the apartment, damages, payment of rent etc. This you agree to by signing an agreement directly with the UCPH Housing Foundation.

If you decide to rent through Ejendomskontoret there are a number of steps to take:

1) Contact Ejendomskontoret and tell them what you're looking for (location, budget etc.) Please refer your inquiries to Frank Holm Hansen at Ejendomskontoret as he is our main contact.

2) Please fill out this form and send it to us - either by snail mail (see our address at the bottom of this site) or by email to us at contact@housingfoundation.ku.dk

3) If you agree with Ejendomskontoret to rent an apartment you should inform the UCPH Housing Foundation who will then request and sign a tenancy agreement from Ejendomskontoret.

4) You will be asked to meet with the UCPH Housing Foundation and sign an agreement declaring you as the sole responsible party for the rented apartment, as mentioned above.