'Master/Child' room relations – University of Copenhagen

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'Master/Child' room relations

The UCPH Housing Foundation has a number of shared rooms and two-person apartments, which can either be booked by one person booking the entire room/apartment for her/himself (or her/himself and one other person) OR they can be booked separately by two individuals who each book one half of the room/apartment.

The UCPH Housing Foundation calls the entire room/apartment the ‘Master’ and each of the two halves of the room, a ‘Child’. The ‘children’ are designated by having an ‘A’ or ‘B’ after the room number. Once one of the ‘children’ is booked, the ‘master’ becomes unavailable and the other ‘child’ can only be booked by a person of the same gender as the person who first booked one of the ‘children’. If, on the other hand, the ‘Master’ gets booked first, both ‘children’ become unavailable.

As an example

A Tåsingegade studio for two persons can appear in the system as:

- 220 (‘Master’, booking the whole studio for 1-2 person(s)) or

- 220A (‘Child’, booking half ‘A’ of the room for 1 person) or

- 220B (‘Child’, booking half ‘B’ of the room for 1 person)

If for instance only the 220A appears in your Flow, it means that another person has already booked the 220B, and so neither 220 nor 220B are available to book.