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Residence abbreviations – examples and explanations

The UCPH Housing Foundation uses numerous forms of abbreviations when describing the different residences. These may appear confusing at first sight but as the below examples show, they follow a quite simple system. The abbreviations indicate where in the building the residence is located; the block (if there are more than 1), the level of the residence and the door number or the room/apartment number.

Furthermore, they indicate whether a room/apartment is single or shared:

  • Mosedalvej GL-13 = Ground floor left, room 13
  • Mosedalvej GR-12 = Ground floor right, room 12
  • Enghavevej 1L-1= 1st floor, left, room 1
  • Enghavevej 2R-3 = 2nd floor, right, room 3
  • Christian Winthers Vej 25A-1-APT-A = Block 25A, 1st floor, apartment A
  • Grundtvigsvej 14B-2-1= Block 14B, 2nd floor, room 1
  • Landskronagade B-2R-APT = Block B, 2nd floor right, apartment (not shared)
  • Østerbro Kollegiet 107A = Room 107, shared room (one half of the room)
  • Østerbro Kollegiet 107B = Room 107, shared room (other half of the room)
  • Tåsingegade 110 = Room 110, single room
  • Signalhuset D-5L-B = Block D, 5th left, room B
  • Søborg 2L-9B = 2nd left, room 9, shared room (one half of the room)