Shared Apartments – University of Copenhagen

Shared Apartments for staff

We have shared apartments reserved for PhD students and researchers all over Copenhagen: a couple in Frederiksberg at Grundtvigsvej, one in Østerbro at Nordborggade, two in Nørrebro at Sigynsgade and three in the central city at Nørre Farimagsgade. 

The flats have both single rooms and shared rooms.

IMPORTANT: None of our shared apartments are same sex only, meaning that we do not have shared apartments reserved just for girls or just for boys.  In Denmark it is very normal to live together despite sex and age differences, and you must be prepared for this. 

Is a shared apartment right for me?

When trying to decide if a shared apartment is the housing solution for you, keep in mind that a shared apartment is a smaller environment than a hall of residence: It may not be possible to hide and not participate, but on the other hand it is a very good opportunity to meet at least a few new people in a more personal way.

A shared apartment will often feel more like a home and your flatmates may get to feel like a family. However, sharing an apartment requires maturity and flexibility, as you must be prepared to address and solve problems as well as take part in the everyday routines - just like when you live in a family.

Common areas - common responsibilities

You are responsible for keeping all areas you have access to tidy and clean at all times. You are required to participate in common area cleaning and keeping to a cleaning schedule if there is one. If you continuously fail to do so, a professional cleaning crew can ultimately be sent at your expense. Whenever someone is moving out of a room in a shared apartment, a thorough "spring cleaning" has to be carried out. When there are common areas all UCPH Housing Foundation tenants must participate in carrying out the move-out “spring cleaning” even if not all tenants are moving out at the same time. If there is a bill for damages/cleaning upon inspection of the common areas the bill will be split between all the tenants in the shared apartment.