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Financial need application

If you are a student in severe financial need you will have the option in the online system to tick off that you wish to apply for rooms which are considered low cost for the Copenhagen area. Please note that there are very few of these rooms and that we cannot guarantee that will be any vacancies in a given semester. We are of course aware that all students are living on a tight budget but only students who come from countries with substantially different costs of living and/or students who can document a severe need will be considered.


You must upload documentation of your financial needs. Otherwise, we are unfortunately not able to consider it. You need not apply if your reason for financial need is simply that rental costs are generally lower in your home country.

In our online system you should still choose from your first list the housing option which you find best suited for you. If you are afterwards approved for ‘financial need’ you will then be given more choices and be able to swap rooms if you choose. Applicants should generally not expect that it will be possible to swap to rooms reserved for students with severe financial need – if a low cost room should become available mid-semester it will continue to be held back for the financially strained applicants.

Please note that rooms held back for financial need students are often located further away outside Copenhagen and/or are twin rooms where two students live in the same room (no door in between). Low cost will also typically reflect on facilities and the condition of the housing.