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Housing for more than one person (in shared rooms or apartments)

If you arrive with a spouse or friend who is not related to UCPH you may need a housing option with two (or more) beds. Some of the housing options we offer are flexible so you can book accommodation for two (or more) persons, but only on one contract.

Sharing with a companion in a shared room or studio apartment – two beds in one room.

Renting the full studio: There will be ONE contract: You will be booking both beds for the use of you and your companion, and the entire contract is issued to you. This solution is mostly of interest to visitors who are accompanied by a spouse/fiancée without relations to the University of Copenhagen. Please remember there is only one room which you will both sleep in!

Renting the studio as a shared room: There will be TWO contracts: You will each have a contract issued to you. This solution is ONLY possible for two UCPH students who are both eligible for housing services who would like to share a room, but still be financially and legally independent of each other. Please remember there is only one room which you will both sleep in!

Are you a ‘Romantic Couple’ or ‘Just Friends’? The booking system is by default set to have only SAME SEX tenants in the one-room residence (shared rooms). In order to book the room as an ‘opposite sex’ couple one of you must tell a lie to the booking system and pretend to be the same sex as your spouse/ companion. Once the contract is in place you can change back again. This is the only time we will ask you to cheat on your registration ;-)

Options for staying two people in one room are:

Østerbro Kollegiet (residences with ‘A’ and ‘B’)

Tåsingegade Kollegiet (residences with ‘A’ and ‘B’)

This is an example of how an option for 2 people sharing 1 room will look in the booking system under 'room availability':

- Tåsingegade Kollegiet 201

- Tåsingegade Kollegiet 201A

- Tåsingegade Kollegiet 201B

If you see an option like this, it means that this room has 2 beds. If you want to book the entire room for yourself and your partner, you need to book the option 'Tåsingegade Kollegiet 201' which includes both part A and part B of the room. This will automatically make 'Tåsingegade Kollegiet 201A' and 'Tåsingegade 201B' invisible to others.

Sharing with a spouse (AND kids):

The above option also exists in some shared apartments with two or more rooms. In these addresses the housing option is a two-room apartment furnished for two individuals, a three-room apartment furnished for three individuals and so on.

When you book an full shared apartment you should note the following: 

  •  The entire apartment, both (or all) rooms, furnished for two/three/four persons is booked by you and the one and only contract for the entire space will be issued to you.
  •  Please note that the apartment is furnished to suit two or more individual tenants – one bed and one desk in each room etc. You are of course welcome to re-arrange the furniture to suit your needs for your stay in Copenhagen: Make a bedroom with 2 beds  and put both desks into one living/study room – but please note you will in these cases need to put the furniture back into the ‘individuals’ position before you leave.