Bispebjerg Kollegiet – University of Copenhagen

Hall of Residence; Bispebjerg Kollegiet

Bispebjerg Kollegiet is a modern residence built in 2005 consisting of studio flats with private kitchenette and bathroom. The residence is located in outer Nørrebro in walking distance from Nørrrebrogade which is a large multicultural street where you will find many shops and cafes.

Deciding whether Bispebjerg Kollegiet is right for you

Bispebjerg Kollegiet is reserved for students.

Bispebjerg Kollegiet is a good option for the independent student who wants to have much privacy while still being in close proximity to other students. This housing option requires more of the students in terms of getting into contact with other students.

Here is a student produced video of what it's like to live at Bispebjerg kollegiet:

Video produced by Olivia Parkinson

Fyrbødervej 10-12
2400 Copenhagen NV

You can find a map of the residence here.

Type of Accommodation
Bispebjerg Kollegiet houses 252 students. The UCPH Housing Foundation facilitates 78 rooms to international students at the University of Copenhagen. The rooms are specific, so if you hear about a vacancy in the residence it may not be a room which the UCPH Housing Foundation has access to. Most of the other rooms in the residence are facilitated by the organization called LEA to Danish students and international full degree students. These rooms do not have the services of the UCPH Housing Foundation of furniture, lower deposit etc. The residence is fitted with elevators; there is a Laundromat, a large common room which can be used for social functions, a terrace, as well as several smaller study rooms.

Each studio flat is approx. 20m2.

Furniture and inventory list
Please find an inventory list for rooms in Bispebjerg Kollegiet here.
Our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time.

You are welcome to put in furniture of your own, BUT you are also required to remove it again upon departure - if you do not, the UCPH Housing Foundation will have to remove it on your behalf and forward the bill (easily a few thousand DKK) directly to you.

You have a private bathroom

You have a private kitchenette with a small refrigerator, a sink and hot plates. The kitchenette has been provided with the most basic kitchen equipment such as a pot, a pan, cutlery, glasses and the like.

There is a laundromat at the base of the building. Laundry is included in your rent.

Internet Connection and TV
A cable internet connection has been opened in the room by the UCPH Housing Foundation. This requires that your laptop must be equipped with an ethernet port.

All support of your Internet is directly via your Internet supplier. The connection is a cable connection and you must bring your own cable. If you wish to make it wireless you must bring a router. 

The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with a TV.

Bispebjerg Kollegiet is located in the north western part of Copenhagen. The residence is next door to Bispebjerg train station and bus 6A. The bus takes only 17 minutes to get to the city centre of Copenhagen. The residence is located quite close to the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Health Science as it is within easy biking distance, but the good bus and train connection makes it suitable for students in any department. Students taking classes in the Faculty of Humanities should allow approx. 35 minutes to get to class.

There is a small parking lot in front of the hall of residence. However, you cannot always expect that a space will be vacant.

Smoking policy
Smoking is not allowed in any of the residences offered by The UCPH Housing Foundation
However, there are other rules applying for your neighbors if they didnt rent via the UCPH Housing Foundation. In the Bispebjerg kollegium it is generally allowed to smoke in the tenants personal room, so your neighbours might smoke and it is possible that a tenant smoked in your room before you moved in.

The price range including utilities (on-account) is approximately DKK 5300-5700 a month (though not paid monthly). If you use more than the on-account utilities allocated in your rent, you will receive a bill. If you use less, you will receive a refund. You can see the precise rental amount of an option in the online system.

Applying for housing subsidy

Since the rooms in Bispebjerg Kollegiet have private kitchenettes, it is possible to apply for housing subsidy if you live in this residence.

Example of a room

Example of a room


Example of a bathroom