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Hall of Residence; Studentergaarden Kollegium (Not available after July 2017)

Studentergården is a traditional hall of residence built in 1923. It is located in Nørrebro which is a lively area with many students. The residence is in walking distance from Jagtvej and Nørrrebrogade which area large multicultural streets where you will find many shops and cafes. Close by you will also find the Fælledparken which is a green park where many come to relax, play football and the like.

Deciding whether Studentergaarden Kollegium is right for you

Studentergaarden Kollegium is reserved for students.
Studentergården is a good option for the student who wants to get into close and easy contact with other students while still having a private room.
As this residence and the facilities within are somewhat worn, this in an option for the student who does not care about modern facilities but is more interested in the positive atmosphere of the residence and the high level of social involvement. Studentergaarden has several facilities such as a billiard table, table tennis, music room, function room, mini cinema and the like. The residence is well-known for the good social atmosphere for the student who makes an effort. You are generally expected to participate in the residence' activities and to get involved in the various social and cultural functions. This includes shared dinner with your kitchen mates on a daily basis. Students are expected to show a high level of tidy- and cleanliness and will like all residents be taking part in major housework duties of common areas at regular intervals. There may also be some "work days" where students get together to paint a hallway or the like.
Tagensvej 15
2200 Copenhagen N


You can find a map of the residence here.

Key Pick-up for Studentergaarden

Studentergaarden is one of the few residences where the keys are to be picked up AND handed back at the residence’s office. Please make arrangements directly with Studentergaarden.

Type of Accommodation
Studentergården houses 126 students in single rooms. The UCPH Housing Foundation facilitates two of these to international students at the University of Copenhagen. Most of the other rooms in the residence are facilitated directly via the residence administration to students on their waiting lists. The option is solely for two semester students arriving in the fall.

The rooms are single rooms. There is a small sink in the room. The room is usually no less than 12 m2.

Furniture and inventory list
Please find an inventory list for rooms in Studentergården here.

Please note that our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time.

You are welcome to put in furniture of your own, BUT please note that you are also required to remove it again upon departure - if you do not, the UCPH Housing Foundation will have to remove it on your behalf and forward the bill (easily a few thousand DKK) directly to you.

Bathrooms are shared between 10-13 students.

Kitchens are shared between 10-13 students.

There are laundry facilities in the hall of residence.

Internet Connection and TV
The residence is equipped with Internet connection which is included in the rent.

Studentergården is situated in the northern part of Copenhagen. The residence is located quite close to the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Health Science as it is particular easy to bike to these faculties, but the good bus connection to Nørreport makes it suitable for students in any department. Students taking classes in the Faculty of Humanities should allow approx. 25 minutes to get to class. The residence is in walking distance from Nørrrebrogade which is a large multicultural street where you will find many shops and cafes.

There is no parking lot in this hall of residence. You may find it difficult as well as expensive to park in the street. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not recommend you bring a car.

Smoking policy
Smoking is not allowed in any of the residences offered by The UCPH Housing Foundation. However, please note that there may be other rules applying for your neighbours if they didnt rent through the UCPH Housing Foundation.

The price range including utilities (on-account) is approximately DKK 2750 a month (though not paid monthly).

Please note that if you use more than the on-account utilities allocated in your rent, you will receive a bill. If you use less, you will receive a refund. 

You can see the precise rental amount of an option in the online system.

Back of the building

Example of a room

Example of a room

Common room


Common kitchen