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University Guest House

The University Guest House is located on the 4th and 5th floor in the same building as the International House Copenhagen at Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen V, which is in the very center of the city, right by the Lakes. Up till now the University Guest House has been reserved for researchers requiring short term accommodation in Copenhagen, but from the fall 2016 the rooms will be rented out to international students via the UCPH Housing Foundation. The University Guest House consists of standard single rooms, and double rooms. Please note that the furniture and the layout of the rooms do reveal that they used to be hotel rooms.

Deciding whether University Guest House is right for you

The University Guest House is a social place and provides an opportunity for you to make new international friends and contacts. The dinner club, breakfast on weekends and the common areas (see further below) mean that you get to meet and interact with other international students. 

If you book a room at University Guest House you can’t make a shortening offer (because University Guest House doesn’t provide housing for short terms)

Gyldenløvesgade 11, 4th & 5th floor
1600 Copenhagen V

A map of the residence can be found here

Key Pick-up for University Guest House

Keys are to be picked up at the University of Copenhagen Housign Foundation within our opening hours, and keys should also be returned in our office.

Type of Accommodation
The University Guest House has 32 rooms, some are single and some are shared (most between 2 people, 1 is shared between 4 people) - in total it can house 45 residents. From fall 2016 the UCPH Housing Foundation will be renting out all of the rooms to international students at the University of Copenhagen. The University Guest House also includes the International Staff Mobility (ISM) loft and game rooms, which are located on the 6th floor. The loft can be used during ISM office hours. The game and conference rooms are open on weekdays until 22.45 and on weekends during breakfast (see more on their info sheet). 

Kitchen and cooking facilities
The University Guest House is most suitable for students who don't frequently cook. There are common small kitchenettes on each floor, where you will be able to store food and to cook simple meals. However, the kitchenettes are not very big and they are only suitable for limited and basic cooking. Cleaning of the kitchenettes is a common responsiblity, which everyone must participate in. 

The University Guest House provides access to ISM's big kitchen for Dinner Clubs and weekend breakfasts. You are welcome to use the kitchen to make coffee and tea during daytime when the staff is present from 9am to 4pm, unless there are meetings or ISM events (posted on the door of the 6th floor). 

Furthermore, there are common kitchenettes on each floor, where you will be able to store food and to cook simple meals. However, the kitchenettes are not very big and they are only suitable for basic cooking. Cleaning of the kitchenettes is a common responsibility, which everyone must participate in.

Dinner clubs and breakfast
Four nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) the staff working at the University Guest House, the International Staff Mobility (ISM) arranges dinner club for everyone staying there (maximum capacity: 40 persons per dinner club). The staff does the grocery shopping and decides the menu. They will ask you to nominate two volunteers who will contribute to suggestions for the menu. You are invited to sign up and join in the cooking after which you all eat together in the common kitchen. You will either help with the cooking or with the cleaning. The remaining three nights of the week you can use the common kitchenettes. Please remember to sign up for dinner clubs in advance! Ask the staff for more information.

Furthermore, there is breakfast in the common kitchen every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10am - 12 noon. Dinner clubs and breakfast are included in your rent.

Please note that dinner clubs and breakfast will not be offered during Christmas and Easter. Dinner clubs may be cancelled in agreement with the UCPH Housing Foundation with a notice of 1 month.

Welcome and farewell party

Furthermore the staff at UGH will be hosting both a welcome party and a farewell party - this is included in your rent. You will get more information from the staff at UGH about these events, if you book a room here.

Furniture and inventory lists

Please find an inventory list for single rooms in the University Guest House here.

Please find an inventory list for shared rooms in the University Guest House here.

Please note that our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time.

You are welcome to put in furniture of your own, BUT please note that you are also required to remove it again upon departure - if you do not, the UCPH Housing Foundation will have to remove it on your behalf and forward the bill (easily a few thousand DKK) directly to you.

Bathroom facilities
On each floor there are 3-4 common showers (NOTE: separate shower cubicles) and 2-3 toilets. Cleaning of the bathrooms is a common responsibility which everyone must participate in.

Laundry facilities
There are several laundries in the nearby area, please ask the staff for further information. You should buy your own detergent at a supermarket.

There is a free wireless connection at The University Guest House. If you experience any problems with the internet, please talk to the staff.


The University Guest House has a perfect location for all of the faculties of UCPH. The building is 10 minutes' walk from Nørreport station and the Central station from where you can connect with the metro, the s-trains and most busses. You are a 10 minute bike ride from Frederiksberg and Søndre Campus, and approximately 15-20 minutes from Nørre Campus. The City Campus is within walking distance.


The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide parking spaces in any of our residences. It is possible to park in the surrounding streets, but please be aware that it is usually extremely difficult to find free parking space in this area of the city, and parking is expensive. You cannot reserve a parking space, as parking is public. A parking permit is required. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not recommend you bring a car.

Smoking policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the University Guest House.


The price range including utilities (on-account) is approximately DKK 5700 to 8700 per month (though not paid monthly).

Please note that if you use more than the on-account utilities allocated in your rent, you will receive a bill. If you use less, you will receive a refund. 

The rental price also includes 4 dinner clubs per week and breakfast on weekends plus a welcome and a farewell party.