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Accommodation for summer students

The UCPH Housing Foundation offers accommodation for students going to the University of Copenhagen to attend a summer course. Below you can read about the types of accommodation we offer, possible rental periods, the online booking system and general rules and conditions.

Types of accommodation
Summer students can choose from almost all of our student residences where there are vacant rooms. Exceptions are: Bikuben Kollegiet, Tietgenkollegiet and University Guest House. None of these halls of residence offer short term rental.

Students attending the same course who wish to be accommodated in the same hall of residence or shared apartment should simply agree to book a room in the same residence, when using the booking system, if possible. Note: we cannot guarantee any number of vacant rooms in the same residences.

The chances of finding accommodation together as a group are highest in these 4 halls of residences, where we have the most rooms:

Rental periods
A summer student can rent a room in one or several of the below periods:

- July 1st  - July 14th

- July 15th – July 31st

- August 1st – August 14th

- August 15th – August 31st

This means you can rent a room or an apartment for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months in the above mentioned 14-day blocks. A rental period can only begin on the 1st or the 15th and end on the 13th or the last day of the month.

The above periods might not match the period of your summer course, so be careful to book for a period that covers your entire stay.

When planning your stay, you should also take into account that you are always required to move out 4 days before the last day of the rental contract. Example: if a contract ends August 14, move-out is August 10 at 10am. This means: if your summer course is scheduled to take place from July 12 – August 4 you should book a room from July 1 – August 14 in order to have accommodation for the entire period. Alternatively you could book the room from July 15 – August 14 and stay in a hotel from July 12 – July 15, but this option will most likely be more expensive. You can find a list of hotels in Copenhagen here.

You can find average rental prices under each residence description, but please find the exact price of a specific residence in the booking system.

Everyone who makes a booking pays a booking fee of DKK 600 and a cleaning and inspection service fee of DKK 750. Please find our list of fees here.

There is a deposit of DKK 8000.

The booking system
All reservations are made in our online booking system. Here you can see what is available and from what date. You are always required to book a room from the day it is vacant, so make sure to book a room which does not only suit your location preference, but make sure it is also vacant from a date which suits you.

The University of Copenhagen will provide the UCPH Housing Foundation with a list of admitted summer students. Afterwards we will send the students an email containing a link to access the system. This will happen mid to late May.

All summer students are required to read and familiarize themselves with the Booking Manual which can be found here.

You can move into your residence from 12 noon on the first day of your rental contract. All keys are to be picked up at the UCPH Housing Foundation office, except for a few dorms, where keys are to be picked up directly at the residence. Please read all about key pick-up and planning your arrival, here.

If you are not able to pick up the keys within the opening hours of the office where your keys are to be picked up, you can designate a friend or contact person to pick up the keys on your behalf, by sending an email with an authorization.

Keys cannot be picked up outside of our opening hours. We are closed on weekends, so please plan your travels accordingly

Please make sure to read the departure information on our website carefully before you leave your accommodation. Among other things, please note that even if your stay is short, you are required to do a spring cleaning when you depart. 

Remember that you are required to move out at 10am 4 days before the last day of your contract. Keys should be returned to the same office where you picked them up.