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Please take a look at and familiarize yourself with our list of fees to avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings. Some fees apply to everyone who uses the system, e.g. the Booking Fee, but most fees only apply in special cases and will only be relevant to few of you. 

Please note that the fees are evaluated once a year (typically before the fall semester) and therefore are subject to change.

Tenants with a contract beginning before fall semester 2016 are obliged to pay the fees in force at that time.

These are the fees applying for tenants with a contract beginning in the fall of 2016:

Mandatory fees when using the Booking System

Booking fee (Applies to the first booking you make): DKK 600

Inspection and Cleaning service (after you move out): DKK 750

Furniture services: DKK 230 per person

Other fees which only apply in some cases

Moving fee (If you move from one residence to another during your stay): DKK 625

Early Cancellation Fee: DKK 2000

Withdrawal fee: DKK 3000

Replacing lost keys / failure to hand back keys in time: DKK 500

Replacing a lost or broken laundry card: DKK 250

Replacing a lost internet USB stick: DKK 375

The price per hour of extra cleaning (extra cleaning needed after move-out or during stay): DKK 440

The price per hour of repairs needed (after move-out or during stay): DKK 440

Compulsory Change of Locks (If your lock has to be changed): DKK 2000

Manual handling of shortening of contracts (for students only): DKK 300

Reception of a payment via bank transfer (When you pay via bank transfer): DKK 250

Repaying the deposit via bank transfer to a non-Danish account (See the details in the Booking Manual): DKK 250

Repaying the deposit via bank transfer to a Danish account (See the details in the Booking Manual): DKK 150

Difficulties Regarding Bank Transfers (Administration of manual handling of bank transfers): DKK 500

Late Payment Reminder (When you have not made sufficient payment within the due date): DKK 270

Making a transaction via Mobile Pay: DKK 25