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Payment plan for all tenants

With the exception of a few limited housing options rent is paid in installments and not monthly. 

  • To secure your room you pay the booking fee + deposit +one month’s rent no later than 14 days after your initial booking.
  • Then you pay the next 3 months’ rent on your first rental day + maintenance fee (this may not always match your individually planned arrival day).
  • Thereafter you pay 3 months’ rent every 3 months (until you owe less than 3 months’ rent). If you are a one semester student, the third installment will therefore be equal to the remainder of your total rent.

IMPORTANT: If the start date of the contract falls within 14 days after the booking is made you must pay the booking fee + deposit + 4 months' rent  no later than on the start date of the contract. So this also applies with bookings where the start date is the same as the booking date. 

*Please be aware that the 4 months includes any extra days that fall before the 1st of a month.

In the below you can find an example of an installment plan:

Example details

Booking date: 15 June.

1. First installment due approx. 29/30 June: deposit + booking fee + one month's rent

First rental day: 15 July.

2. Second installment due 15 July: maintenance fee + 3 months’ rent

Last rental day: 31 January.

3. Third installment due 15 October: the last 2.5 months’ rent

Important: if you extend your rental period (or have a longer rental period to begin with), your installment plan would change and would become:

1. Third installment due 15 October: 3 months' rent

2. Fourth installment due 15 January: 3 months' rent

3. Etc. until you have less than 3 months’ rent left - in which case the next installment would be the remainder of your rent which is most likely an irregular amount compared to the other installments.