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Payment plan for staff with contracts starting before January 1st 2017

The below is only relevant for staff with rental contracts starting before January 1st 2017. If you are staff and have a contract with the start date of January 1st 2017 and later, please refer to this payment plan.

The payment plan for staff is as follows:

  • To secure your accommodation reservation you pay the booking fee + deposit no later than 14 days after your initial booking.
  • Afterwards you pay rent monthly, unless you have booked a residence reserved for students - in that case your payment plan is similar to that of a student.
  • The first payment is due on the start date of your contact.
  • Every month after this your rent is due on the same date as your first payment.  

IMPORTANT: If the start date of the contract falls within 14 days after the booking is made you must pay the booking fee + deposit + 1 month's rent no later than on the start date of the contract. 

Your notice is current month plus 30 days.

Example details

Booking date: 15 June.

First rental day: 15 July.

Last rental day: 31 January.

Total rent: DKK 58500

Deposit: DKK 8000

Booking fee: DKK 600

Inspection fee: DKK 450

Monthly rent: DKK 9000

Example installments:

1. First installment due approx. 29/30 June: DKK 8600 (deposit + booking fee)

2. Second installment due 15 July: DKK 9750 (cleaning and inspection fee + 1 months’ rent)

3. Third installment due 15 August: DKK 9000 (the next month's rent) ... and so on.