Departure cleaning shared areas – University of Copenhagen

Departure cleaning shared areas

The departure cleaning of the common areas is a shared responsibility.

When a tenant departs a shared apartment, a ‘spring cleaning’ of the shared areas must be carried out, of course along with a thorough departure cleaning of the private space. All tenants should get together to clean the apartment thoroughly. The apartment is inspected within the last 4 days of a rental contact. Tenants with a later departure date should be expecting this inspection and are expected to keep the apartment in good condition. Note that the inspectors can easily tell the difference between crumbles from this morning’s breakfast and an oven which has not been cleaned all week – let alone all semester. If the departure cleaning has not been carried out, you risk getting a bill.  Therefore it is a good idea to have cleaning tasks well organized from the start of your co-living. It can be too late – and expensive – to postpone the cleaning policy discussion until someone is departing.