The inspection procedure upon move-out – University of Copenhagen

Why and when is a deduction made from your deposit?

In Denmark, landlords place great importanance on preserving old and new apartments and it is the norm to bring a residence fully back to the state it was in upon move-in, typically involving painting, fixing the floors etc. Since there will almost always be something that needs fixing, it is quite normal in Denmark not to get a deposit back in full, since the cost is taken out of the deposit.

This is not how we work. Since our residences are rented out to many different people for quite short periods, we do not expect of our tenants to refurbish the residences upon move-out. We take care (both practically and financially) of the “wear and tear repairs” needed to maintain the standard of apartments. However, insufficient cleaning or any significant damages inflicted by you during your stay will result in a deduction from your deposit. One hour of work is equal to DKK 440. Example: if we spend 2 hours in your residence cleaning and/or repairing damages caused by you, a deduction of DKK 880 will be made from your deposit.

Keep in mind, regular cleaning is an important aspect to up-keeping residences.