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Electrical Fuses

If you experience a short circuit in your room or residence, it may be because a fuse is blown. It is important that you check if perhaps the electrical system has been overloaded (if you have plugged in a device that uses more than 220 volts, or if several devises use the same outlet). If this is the case you will have to remove the cause before charging the system again.

Fuses may be bought in any supermarkets (Fakta or Netto) and 10 amps are the most common (make sure to look at your fuse box firstly, though; it will tell you which type you must use). The UCPH Housing Foundation also has some extra fuses that may be picked up if needed.

The fuse box must be shut down before changing the fuse, and then recharged after the replacement. Inspectors do not consider blown fuses an emergency, so it is important that you rule out this problem before asking for assistance for lack of electricity.

Important: If you're living in Tåsingegade Kollegiet and you experience a power cut, please look here.