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Lost your keys?

Within office hours

If you lose your keys, lock yourself out or received the wrong key, you can usually get/borrow a replacement key from The UCPH Housing Foundation office in Grundtvigsvej on weekdays within opening hours. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that we have a replacement key in stock, so it is best if you call ahead to check.

We have no spare/replacement keys for any rooms in the following residences:

- Nordisk Kollegium
- Signalhuset
- Sølvgade Kaserne (BaseCamp)
- Tietgenkollegiet

These are all residences where the keys are picked up directly at the residence.

If you are just borrowing are a  spare key from us (If your own key is just misplaced and you will get it back within some days) we will not have to buy a new key, and there is no cost to you. If your key is permanently lost, we will charge you a fee for the new backup key, DKK 500,- The amount will be deducted from your deposit.

Outside office hours

If you lose your keys outside of our opening hours you can either choose to stay with a friend until the office opens – or you can call a locksmith (AH Låse) at this number: +45 3670 6030, it is very important that you inform the locksmith that you rent your room through Housing Foundation. The locksmith can meet you at Grundtvigsvej and hand out a replacement key to you IF we have it in stock, which might not be the case. We direct your attention to the above mentioned information.

Please note that you will be charged the cost of the locksmith’s time and service (higher on evenings and on weekends), this payment is made directly from you to the locksmith company.

Change of locks

Alternatively - if we do not have a copy of your key at Grundtvigsvej and you are not willing to wait until we open again you can request a lock change from the locksmith. Please note this service can easily cost from 2000 DKK and up, a charge you must pay yourself. Please ask the locksmith for the exact price. The payment is made directly between you and the locksmith.

Please note that some halls of residence have a lock system that requires that the lock be changed first to a temporary lock and then again to a new lock, meaning that the cost will be double - keep this in mind before you request a lock change.