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How to get around in the city

The bicycle - The Danes' favourite means of transportation

You may not expect it but youll end up loving your bike! It is cheap, healthy and gives you a huge amount of freedom.

You can buy bikes everywhere and at all price levels. New bikes can be bought at large supermarkets like Føtex or Kvickly. Around DKK 2000,- will buy you a bike of a decent quality. Used bikes are also an option. You may be able to buy one from another international guest who is leaving, but many bike repair shops also sell used bikes. On Jagtvej from Borups Allé all the way to Mimersgade there are many great used bikes offered. One of the many shops is King Cykler on Jagtvej 57.

Bikes get stolen sometimes so do not forget to buy a lock for it. It is not possible to bring your bike into your apartment building or hall of residence, neither in the hallway, stairwell or in your room/ apartment it must stay outside in the cold. Some residences have designated areas for parking of bikes.

Public transportation

The Danish Public Transportation System is abbreviated 'DSB in Danish and offers a variety of destinations, regional and domestic as well international. The Greater Copenhagen area and a large part of the island of Zealand are divided into a zone-system which is important to understand in order to make sure that your ticket covers your entire journey correctly. The fine for not having the correct/valid ticket is approx. DKK 750,-

The two diagrams indicate the reach of the different zones (A) and the price of tickets for each zone (B).

If, for example, you wish to go from Copenhagen Central Station [København H] to Albertslund, you must count the colours between the two points: in this case, red / blue / yellow / peach / and purple, which is 5 different zones.

In order to find out what 5 zones cost, you must look at the overview of the different ticket options (B). Adults (16 years and above) may choose to pay DKK 60 for a one-way 5-zone ticket, or they may choose to buy a card which allows them to take the journey either 10 times for DKK 295 (a 10-clip card), as many times as they wish over a period of 7 days for DKK 390, or repeatedly over 30 days for DKK 745.

You purchase the tickets at the station usually through an automat/machine, but on larger stations you buy at the ticket office or in the kiosk. The officers working at the DSB ticket offices will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your ticketing purchase.

You can also buy tickets online or by sms/text via your phone (with internet access) please see how to do it on, choose English. Please note that the ticket covers both busses, metro and S-trains in the various zones.


To plan your trip with public transportation, please use You can plan a trip to and from anywhere in Denmark and also to/from the southern part of Sweden.

Map of public transportation zones



Prices and Zones 2013


Transportation discounts in Denmark

DSB offers good discounts for students and young adults. A DSB Wildcard may be purchased if you are between 16 and 25 years old. It costs 185 DKK and offers good discounts on train tickets both domestic and international.

If you plan to visit Aarhus in Jutland or Odense in Funen, for example, you may receive up to 50% reduction on the regular price of the ticket. If you plan to travel to destinations outside Denmark you may receive up to 25% reduction. These discounts are only applicable if you travel by train, and only on destinations that are outside the Greater Copenhagen area. Please also note that if you only plan to travel to destinations outside the Greater Copenhagen area once, it may not be worth buying the DSB Wildcard.

You may purchase a DSB Wildcard at any DSB ticket office at the large train stations in Copenhagen. You may also inquire about different ticket options i.e. on travels inside or outside the Greater Copenhagen area. For more general information, you may also visit or call the DSB Service Centre at +45 7013 1415.



Copenhagen is NOT suited for cars, so do not bring it. It will not make your life easier! Parking is extremely scarce and very expensive and traffic is dense! None of our residences have reserved parking spaces for the tenants.