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Your arrival

Reporting of issues when moving in

You have the opportunity to report issues with the state of your residence and/or inventory upon arrival. If you believe something is missing or damaged, or if your room is not in a satisfactory condition, please report these issues in your workflow in the Housing System under the step 'Move-in'. You may also upload pictures. You must do so within 14 days from your move-in date.

The reported issues which need follow-up are checked by the UCPH Housing Foundation and/or their inspectors. They will also be referred to upon inspection of your room after your stay ends, in order to return your security deposit to you.
Damages etc. not reported within the two-week time frame may be difficult to claim later on so please make sure to check out the residence during your first 2 weeks. The reported issues will remain in your workflow.

Having the inspector in your home

Please note: if the inspector needs to come into your residence to fix an issue which you have reported, he will use his spare key to let himself in if you are not home. If you prefer to be present when he comes by you need to arrange this directly with the inspector; however, most inspectors work from 7am to 1 or 2pm and cannot be expected to work outside of these hours, so please keep this in mind.

If the issue is urgent, e.g. water damage, smoke coming from the room etc., the inspector will let himself in no matter what, but will leave a note stating that he has been in the residence.

Your residence

You rent either a single, or a shared room, or an apartment. The room is furnished with basic furniture. Please refer to the inventory lists for each residence. If any of the above are missing or in poor condition at your arrival, please contact the UCPH Housing Foundation as soon as possible in order to replace the missing/broken items.

It is your responsibility to keep the room clean and tidy. You are not allowed to use scotch tape or thumbtacks - you must use only the sticky putty type: FunTac, Blu-Tack, PataFix etc. to hang poster and/or pictures on the wall.

What will be provided for me in my place of accommodation?

Your apartment or room will be equipped with basic furniture:
Bed (one single per person unless otherwise mentioned), desk, chair(s), lamps, a wardrobe/ place for storing clothes. Depending on the size there may also be additional furniture like book shelves, a set of drawers etc.

Please note that our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time - but all will provide the basis for you to start your everyday life in Copenhagen eat, sleep, study and shower!

There are no bed linen in our rooms, so you will need to purchase or organize this yourself. Bed linen can be purchased from larger supermarkets like Føtex or furniture stores such as Jysk or IKEA. Please note that all items that you purchase must be cleared from the room when you depart. 

Kitchen supplies
Apartments and rooms with private kitchens will have basic kitchen utensils provided: Plates, cups, knife/fork/spoon, pot & pans, spatula for frying, cutting board etc. plus a range of other basic utensils that may vary from kitchen to kitchen: Some kitchens will have wine glasses while others have only water glasses some have a pizza slicer while others may have a garlic press. There are differences because either things break or somehow disappears out of the room. We have a small storage by our office where you are welcome to ask if we have the utensil you need in our current stock but please be prepared that you will have to get some of the more specialized items yourself.

We provide a basic internet connection in all our residences. The type may vary. When you (or your contact) come to pick up the keys you will receive the necessary information, passwords etc. to access the internet in your residence. Please note we provide the connection only. Any software requirements or problems arising from your personal PC or Mac you will have to seek support for elsewhere.

What is included in the rent and what is not?


Please note that the rent you pay for your accommodation includes utilities, such as heating, water and power.

Media license
The media license is usually not included in your rent, but it depends on where you are living. Please see more under each residence description. By law it is mandatory to all residents in the country. You can read about it here.

The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with any personal insurance. Please read more here.


When you arrive, you may find that there are things that needs fixing or items that need replacement - like a dripping faucet or a torn shower curtain -  the examples are many. Please make sure to tell us about these repair issues in your online inventory report. You must do so within 14 days of move-in. After this period you will risk that it is no longer possible to report a pre-arrival damage but you are always welcome to contact us about it.

Please be prepared that you room or apartment has been lived in before and is not re-painted etc. between arrivals. Wear and tear will occur when a space is rented to one, two or even three tenants per year.

The space that you rent through us is rented to you on regular tenancy. As in any other rented space your landlord - which by substitute are us at the UCPH Housing Foundation  is obligated to see to many of the large issues connected with your housing, just as you, the tenant, have duties: Daily maintenance you must to see to yourself.

The most important maintenance issues

These are the most important issues you must see to in order to avoid recurring problems:

- Please make sure you remove hair, lint etc. from your shower and sink drains in the bathroom regularly so they do not become blogged.

- Garbage dispose of your garbage in the assigned waste areas on a regular basis to avoid pests and bad odour and keep your home environment health.

- Air your room at least once daily to avoid dampness.

- De-ice your freezing compartment and keep your fridge clean.

- Make sure you dry up any spillage of water or liquids so they do not cause damage to floors or cause flooding.