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Registration at the Municipality

When first arriving in Denmark you must register with the national registration office of your Municipality ("Folkeregisteret") to receive a Danish Social Security Number (CPR-number). You need a CPR number in order to do many things such as open a Danish bank account, so it's important you get it done soon after your arrival in Denmark.

Acquiring a CPR number 

You will need the signature from the UCPH Housing Foundation on your rental contract to present to the municipality office. You are welcome to come to our office during our opening hours to have your contracts signed. You will need to print your contracts yourself, as we will not print your contract for you. 

If you are picking up keys from the Housing Foundation office, have your contract ready in hand to save you another trip. 

Departure from the City of Copenhagen 

Danish law also lays down that all people residing in Denmark must notify the Municipality when they move.

Please see the City of Copenhagen website for the steps that must be followed when leaving your current address in Copenhagen.