The student residence Tietgenkollegiet in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen. Image by Thea Svendsen

Welcome to the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH Housing Foundation). We are an independent foundation which assists certain groups of international students and researchers coming to the University of Copenhagen in finding accommodation.  

The Foundation is not a part of the University of Copenhagen. We are a private non-profit organization, but naturally the two institutions work closely together. All questions regarding your accommodation should be directed to us at and not to the university.

Our website provides all the necessary information:

If you expect to be invited into the booking system soon, please take some time to explore the site in advance. This way you will be prepared to reserve accommodation once we send you your invitation to the booking system.

Extensions available for all existing tenants

We understand that, due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, it is currently very difficult for all our existing tenants to find private housing when they leave us. Therefore, all existing tenants can now apply for up to a one-year extension with us. If you would like to be considered, please email us by 20 May 2020 with your details. 

Covid-19 Office Closure

Updated 11..05.2020

Due to the ongoing lockdown of public life in Denmark, our office will be closed for visitors. 

If you need to collect keys: Please make an appointment by writing to

If you need to return keys: Please return them to our key box. More information here.

If you are trying to make a booking or change rooms: We will open our booking system again April 15th  2020  and it will work as normal. 

If you have any questions: You are welcome to call us on our number +45 3533 2078 on Mon-Friday, 10 am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm. We have extended our phone hours for the closure period.  

We are expecting to run the following booking round as usual. If any changes occur, updates will be available on the website as soon as possible.

Updates about data policy

Please read about KU Housing Foundation's data policy here. 

We still have rooms available for spring 2020

We still have rooms in different price ranges available for spring 2020. 

If you want to be invited to our booking system please provide us with your official admissions letter/ contract with The University of Copenhagen and send it to

Summer Housing

Summer applicants can apply on our summer student accomodation page

Booking Manual

Please find access to our Booking Manuals for staff, student, and summer student tenants here