The Booking System and Deadlines


For the spring semester (rentals starting 1st January or 1st February) invitations will be sent out mid to late November.

For the fall semester (rentals starting 15th July, 1st August, 15th August, or 1st September) invitations will be sent out mid to late June

For the summer term (bookings in July and/or August only) invitations will be sent out late May.

Our capacities

The UCPH Housing Foundation is typically able to offer a room in a hall of residence or shared student apartment to approx. half of all eligible students arriving in an autumn semester and most of the students arriving in a spring semester. 

Accessing the booking system as a student

The University of Copenhagen will inform the Housing Foundation if you are eligible for housing after you have been admitted. Thereafter you will receive an invitation to apply in the online housing booking system. 

If you are already in Copenhagen and studying at UCPH, and have been managing housing on your own so far but now wish to use our services, you should contact us directly at and attach your unconditional letter of admission. We will then send you an invitation to the booking system.  

Accessing the booking system as staff

If you are eligible to apply for housing via the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation you should contact us directly at and attach some sort of documentation of your employment or collaboration with UCPH, e.g. a letter of employment, a statement from your supervisor, or something else that documents your stay.

We will then send you an invitation to the booking system. It is also possible for a contact person (a secretary at your institute, your supervisor, or other) at UCPH to ask us to send you an invitation on your behalf. That way the request automatically serves as documentation.

When making a booking

It is not possible to request a specific housing option before entering the booking system. You are required to choose between the available options shown in the system.

There is no waiting list for housing. Our system operates on a "first-come-first-served" basis. The process is competitive and attractive housing options are booked out quickly, so make sure you familiarize yourself with our housing options as shown on this website before you enter the system. 

Reserving a room in the 'Room Availabilities' section of the booking system will reserve it for 30 minutes. Once you proceed to the 'Room Acceptance' page and click the 'Save' and 'Next' buttons, you have completed the booking. 

Filling in your general information

If you wish to change your preferred email address, please make sure to change it in your online contact information immediately. Please also add a Danish phone number as soon as you have one.

If you are unable to find a room

You can find information about private accommodation here