The descriptions here are basic information only. For full details, please read the relevant sections in the Booking Manual

Cancelling a contract once it started

Please note: Students cannot cancel their contract once the rental period has begun. Their contract is binding for the entire period. However, they may try to find a successor by making a Shortening Offer. Please see the Booking Manual for details.

Staff have the right to terminate their contract with the following notice period: remainder of the current month + one full month. Please send an email to if you wish to terminate your contract.

Cancelling a booking before the rental period starts: 14-day cool-off period

You have the right to cancel your booking within 14 days of the date when you made it, provided that the rental period has not yet begun. Simply use the cancellation feature available in the workflow.

If your rental period has already begun, you must send an email. Cancellation fees will apply. 

Cancelling a booking after the 14-day cool-off period

Please send us an email clearly stating that you wish to cancel your room, as you can no longer cancel it manually yourself. Do not leave the booking unattended, even if you have not yet uploaded a contract, since charges will still apply. 

In cases where students are in breach of their housing contract, the University of Copenhagen will always be contacted.  In cases where guests or employees do not fulfill their contractual obligations, the Housing Foundations reserves the right to contact the employing institute or company.