Disability application

There are relatively few of these rooms and because of that we cannot guarantee that there are any vacancies in a given semester. Only disabilities which are directly linked to housing accessibility will be considered (such as wheelchair access, cannot climb stairs and the like). 

How to Apply

Detailed steps can be found in the booking manual. The following steps provide the general procedure:

  1. It is a good idea to contact the UCPH Housing Foundation via e-mail well in advance so that we can ensure that we have reserved enough rooms. 
  2. When you receive an invitation to our database, upload your documentation otherwise you will not be considered. Please do so within the first 1-2 weeks of the database opening for the new semester. 
  3. Choose a housing option that best suits your needs. We cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted and that other rooms will be made available to you
  4. If you are approved for disability suited rooms, then you will be notified and you will be provided with more choices and be able to swap rooms.

Things to consider

The following points may affect your decision making process:

  • Disability access rooms are often in the higher end pricewise and may not necessarily be in the most sought after halls of residence.
  • Also be aware that if you need special equipment; it is up to you to purchase and install it. You must remove the equipment and bring back the room to its original appearance prior to departure.
  • The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation is unfortunately not usually able to offer housing for personal assistants. Please read more about Special Support by Disability on the website of UCPH.
  • You should be prepared that there is generally no “on-campus” housing in Copenhagen.

Price ranges for wheelchair users

The Housing Foundation reserves rooms at Bispebjerg Kollegium or Dyrlægevej. The cost of this is approximately DKK6000 (including utilities, furniture, etc.). 

There are also rooms in Rebslagervej for students who are wheelchair users. Please be advised that the cost of these rooms are approximately DKK11,000 (including utilities, furniture, etc.).

For further details, please read the relevant sections in the Booking Manual