Financial need application

If you are a student in severe financial need, you can apply for financial need. If accepted, you can book rooms, which are considered low cost for the Copenhagen area. 

Rooms held back for financial need students are often located further away outside Copenhagen and/or are twin rooms where two students live in the same room (no door in between). Low cost will also typically reflect on facilities and the condition of the housing.

This option is not available to staff. 

We also cannot guarantee that will be any vacancies in a given semester. 

How to Apply

Detailed steps can be found in the booking manual. The following steps provide the general procedure:

  1. Please apply within the first 1-2 weeks of the database opening for the new semester. 
  2. When you receive an invitation to our database, upload your documentation otherwise you will not be considered. We will not be asking you for further information when reviewing your application. 
  3. Choose a housing option that best suits your needs. We cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted and that another room will be made available to you
  4. If you are approved for financial need, then you will be notified and you will be able to swap rooms to the one we have allocated for you.

Cases where your application will be rejected

We are of course aware that all students are living on a tight budget, but there are very few rooms reserved for financial need applicants. Only students who come from countries with substantially different costs of living and present a compelling case will be considered.

The following instances showcase a weak application for financial need:

  • If your reason for financial need is simply that rental costs are generally lower in your home country.
  • If your reason is simply that you are a student with a part-time job 
  • No statement regarding your living situation or financial circumstances
  • Showcasing documentation where the information is not easily decipherable or understood

For further details, please read the relevant sections in the Booking Manual