Standard Rental Periods – University of Copenhagen

Standard Rental Periods

The regulations for rental periods vary for students and staff. 

Rental periods for students

Student contracts are made in semester blocks – one or two semesters. Your contract end date will always lock to the end of the semester (not your individual study dates). 

Vacancy start dates vary on the system, and cannot be modified. The rooms must be rented from the date they are vacant and not from your personal study/arrival/departure date. You should be prepared that it will most likely not be possible for you to find a room with a rental period that matches your arrival and departure dates exactly. 

Typical start and end dates are the following:

-  The fall semester: 15th of July to 31st of January

- The spring semester: 1st of January, and 1st of February to 14th of July

Rental periods for staff

The dates set in the system are fixed and non-modifiable. The Housing Foundation will only generate contracts that:

  • Begin on:1st or 15th of a month (but the housing system may showcase other dates based on availability)
  • End on: 14th or [last date] of a month
  • A minimum of 3 month’s rental period (still within the above intervals)
  • A maximum of 12 months rental period (still within the above intervals)

You may arrive and depart any time within the time span of your rental contract, but you will be financially and legally responsible for the room/apartment as dictated in your rental contract. 

If you wish to shorten your contract, our notice requirements apply. You must provide one full month of notice + the current month. For this reason, requests to shorten your contract to the 14th of a month will not be accepted. 

Move-in date

The date you pick up your keys will automatically be registered as your move-in date on the online system. Inputting your move-in date manually on the system will have no consequence to your account or to our procedures. 

Moving out

Both staff and students always required to move out of your residence no later than 10am, 4 days before the last day of the contract. This is also stated in your rental contract.