The descriptions here are basic information only. For full details, please read the relevant sections in the Booking Manual. Information stated in the Booking Manual always takes precedence.

Swapping from one accommodation to another

If you already have a booking, but see another room/apartment vacancy in your online flow which you prefer, you are welcome to change your booking. However, please be aware that this requires special attention. 

If you wish to switch to another residence before your stay

If your currently booked contract period only starts in the future and you wish to change rooms/apartments, your new booking will simply overwrite the old one. As long as the rental period of your old room starts more than 14 days in the future, there is no fee for this change.

Once you get to the Room Acceptance stage in your online flow, the system will ask you to confirm if you really want to keep the newest booking only. If you click yes here, the system will simply keep your latest booking and overwrite the old one. 

If you wish to  during your stay 

If you choose a new room/apartment with a start date that begins after your original contract period has already started, there are some rules: You cannot change rooms in your first rental month. After this you can only change rooms once. The new room must start more than 14 days in the future. 

In doing this, you will acquire two bookings in your name--one for your current room and one for your future room. To do this, make the booking in your online flow. Once you get to the Room Acceptance stage, the system will ask you if you want to make a 'Combination Booking'. Once you click yes, and save, the booking system will move forward the end date of the original room booking, so it joins with the start date of the new booking. You can never hold two bookings with overlapping rental dates. The start date of the newest booking will always take precedence. 

If you want to move to another room at short notice

The system prohibits last-minute room changes in order to ensure we have enough time to manage the changing process.

If you already have a currently ongoing booking, and you wish to book a new room/apartment, there must always be at least 14 days between time of booking and the start date for the new room. The system will always inhibit last-minute bookings that occur within 14 days of the new start date. If you attempt to make such a last-minute booking, the system will simply push the start date of your new room ahead to the following 1st or 15th day of a month.

This gives you enough time to get your contracts and payments in order, and it provides our office with enough time to conduct room inspections and update external parties. 

Things to consider when holding two bookings 

  • For tenants renting from 15 July 2019 or later (except Summer Students), there is a 7-day interval between move-out and move-in during which we inspect the old room for cleaning and damages. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not have alternative accommodation for you during this standard inspection period. For tenants who started their rental period before 15 July 2019, this interval is 4 days. For Summer Students, the interval is still 4 days. 
  • There will be a moving fee.
  •  If you move to Signalhuset, Tietgen, Øresunds, Rebæk Søpark, or Kagså, you do not pay a moving fee. You will need to pay the Administration and Handling fee. Each time you move into one of these specific residences, another Administration and Handling fee will be applied.
  • If you move from Signalhuset, Tietgen, Øresunds, Rebæk Søpark, or Kagså to another one of our properties, you do not need to pay a moving fee or another Administration and Handling fee.

For precise fee prices, please refer to our List of Fees