Swapping from one place to another – University of Copenhagen

Swapping from one accommodation to another

If you already have a booking but see a vacancy of another residence/room in your online Flow which you wish to move to, you are welcome to do so. However, please be aware that such a situation requires special attention and vigilance. In the below this is explained in detail, please make sure to read it.

If you wish to replace your booking with another 

If you book another residence that begins before your current contract starts, the new booking will simply overwrite the old one. There is no fee for this change. This only applies if the rental period of your current room has not already begun. 

If your desired residence begins after your current booking, you will need to cancel the current booking first. Book the desired room after the cancellation is complete. If you choose to cancel after the 14 day cooling off period or rental start date, you will incur a fee. 

If you wish to switch to another residence during your stay 

If you choose a room/apartment with a start date that begins after your original booking, you will acquire 2 bookings in your name. 

In this instance, the booking system will shorten the rental period of the original booking according to the start date of the new booking. The start date of the newest booking will always take precedence. 

Things to consider when having 2 bookings 

  • There will be a moving fee 
  • There will be two maintenance fees (due to two inspections required by law) 
  • There will be a 4 day gap in between where you will need to organise alternative accomodation. Legally, you are required to move out 4 days before your last contract date.

To see price of these fees, please refer to our List of Fees