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Contract information

After you have booked housing you will receive your contracts via e-mail in approx. 30 minutes. Always remember to check your spam folder.

The e-mail will consist of the following documents:

1) A rental contract (covers the basic lease including your rent, utilities and deposit)

2) A service contract (covers extra services provided by us, e.g. furniture)

3) A Declaration of Consent (Approval of General Data Protection Regulation)

4) .. and a translation of the content of §10 and §11 in the rental contract

In Denmark a rental contract is legally required to be in Danish. This means that the rental contract will be in Danish. However, as a service, we also provide you with an English translation of the content of the most important §s in the rental contract, namely §10 and §11.

You can find an English translation of the entire Danish contract template here

Your legal document will always be the Danish version of the rental contract; the translations are only a service to you.

The service contract is in English. 

How will the contract present the m2 of my room/apartment?

Section 1 of your contract will showcase the brutto m2, which is the gross area. This will encompass any shared areas, hallways, stairwells, and common rooms/terraces, and take into account the flat/room's exterior gross floor area (including the thickness of the walls), as is common in Denmark. According to the Danish Rental Act, the authorized brutto area is measured by an authorized surveyor and registered in the BBR (an official registration system). The rental amount in the booking system is always calculated against the brutto m2. This calculation is standard to A9 rental contracts.  

Section 11 of your contract will show the netto m2, which is the net area. It reflects the floor area inside your private room/apartment. The netto m2 is shown on the booking system because it showcases what you will privately occupy without taking common areas into account. 

Sign and upload the contracts in your workflow

Please read the contracts and the translations carefully before you sign and upload the 3 contract documents in your workflow. All pages of the Danish rental contract + all pages of the English service contract must be visible.

Provided that your rental period does not begin immediately, your contract upload must be done within 3 days from when the contracts are sent to your e-mail. We will send you an email when your contracts are approved or let you know if something in your uploaded documents is to be corrected.

Please be patient: we cannot guarantee that you will receive feedback straight away or within the 3 days, but you must still upload the contracts within this 3 day timeframe.

Rooms/apartments with an immediate start date

If your rental period begins on the same day as the booking, you will need to upload your contract on that very day, otherwise you risk losing the booking. Same goes for the rental payment. 

Cancelling your booking

If you do not wish to have the booking anymore, please read our booking manual for terms. You cannot leave the booking unattended even if you have not uploaded a contract. It will not be considered as a cancellation unless you clearly specify this to our office. You can also refer to the cancellation page of our website for further details