Contract information

Both your payments and your contract upload need to be complete and in order to ensure that you will get your room. The contracts are legally binding documents that have to be signed and uploaded to your flow, to secure your room. If these matters are not handled by the time you arrive to collect your keys, then we cannot hand out the keys to you. In that case we will consider canceling your booking, and your room may be given to someone else.

After you have booked housing, you will receive your contracts via email within approx. 30 minutes. Always remember to check your spam folder. The e-mail will consist of the following documents:

  1. A rental contract (covers the basic lease including your rent, utilities and deposit). The rental contract will be in Danish, since in Denmark any rental contract is legally required to be in Danish. However, as a service, we also provide you with an English translation of the content of the most important articles in the rental contract, namely §10 and §11. You can find an English translation of the entire Danish contract template here.
  2. A service contract (covers extra services provided by us, e.g. furniture). The service contract is in English (If you have booked a room in Signalhuset, Rebæk Søpark, Øresunds or Kagså Kollegiet).
  3. A Declaration of Consent (Approval of General Data Protection Regulation). This document is in Danish.
  4. A translation of the content of §10 and §11 in the rental contract. 

Your legal document will always be the Danish version of the rental contract; the translations are only a service to you.

Check the rental contract

Please check the rental contract (lejekontrakt) thoroughly to ensure that the booking matches what you intended to book, both in regards to the accommodation itself and the rental period. If it does not, your intended booking failed. Please pay special attention to the following: 

  • The dorm's address and your room number (page 1, §1 under Lejemålet)
  • The dorm's name  (page 1, §1 under Udlejeren)
  • Your name and address (page 1, §1 under Lejeren)
  • Your rental start date (page 2, §2 under Begyndelse)
  • Your contact email address (page 5, §11)
  • Your rental end date (page 5, §11)

If any of these are incorrect, do not cross them out and upload the contract. Instead, send us an email so that we can fix it and send you a new contract. 

Fill in, sign, and date the contracts

It is very important that you do not alter the contracts in any way, except to add your name, signature, or the date where required. If there is a problem with the contract, let us know by email and we will fix the issue and send a new one. Any manual alterations to a contract will be noticed and the contract will be rejected by us. This is also true for contracts that are uploaded in such a bad resolution as to render them unreadable. 

Please especially note the following:

  • Real signature: All three contracts must be dated and signed with a real signature, which must match the signature in your passport. Some types of electronic signatures can be accepted, if they match the signature in your passport—but we never accept names typed out on a computer.
  • Date: Please note that dates are written as date/month/year in Denmark; for example, the date of 01-02-2017 shows the 1st of February 2017.

Please complete the contracts in the following places:

  • Rental Contract (Lejekontrakt): You only have to sign and date the rental contract on page 6. Please write today’s date and your signature. Remember to upload all pages of the contract. Here is an example of a signed rental contract.

  • Service Contract: If you have booked a room in Signalhuset, Rebæk Søpark, Øresunds or Kagså Kollegiet, you have to sign and upload the service contract. If you book housing at Tietgen, you will have a regular rental contract with us, but you will additionally need to upload a special Service Contract. Please enter your name, your date of birth (not your place of birth) where indicated. Then add today's date and your signature where indicated. Here is an example of a service contract.

Contract deadline

 The contracts must be filled in, signed, and dated as well as uploaded in the following time frame:

  • If your rental dates start in the future, the contracts have to be uploaded within 3 days of making the booking. Example: You have booked a room which starts in four weeks’ time. You have 3 days to upload and sign your contracts, starting from when the contract is email was sent. 
  • If your rental dates start or have already started on the day you make the booking, you have to upload all contracts within 24 hours of making the booking. Example: If you have booked a room where the rental period has already begun, or starts today, you need to upload your contracts and make all payments today.

 If you do not respect this deadline, you risk that your booking is cancelled without further warning. However, do not assume that your booking is automatically cancelled if you do not upload, as ignoring the issue may involve severe financial consequences. If you wish to cancel, follow our cancellation steps laid out in the Booking Manual.

Cancelling your booking

If you do not wish to have the booking anymore, please read our booking manual for terms. You cannot leave the booking unattended even if you have not uploaded a contract. It will not be considered as a cancellation unless you clearly specify this to our office. You can also refer to the cancellation page of our website for further details

Uploading the contracts to your flow

Please follow the steps detailed in the Booking Manual or your contract email to upload your contracts. 

Brutto and netto M2

Section 1 of your contract will showcase the brutto m2, which is the gross area. This will encompass any shared areas, hallways, stairwells, and common rooms/terraces, and take into account the flat/room's exterior gross floor area (including the thickness of the walls), as is common in Denmark. According to the Danish Rental Act, the authorized brutto area is measured by an authorized surveyor and registered in the BBR (an official registration system). The rental amount in the booking system is always calculated against the brutto m2. This calculation is standard to A9 rental contracts.  

Section 11 of your contract will show the netto m2, which is the net area. It reflects the floor area inside your private room/apartment. The netto m2 is shown on the booking system because it showcases what you will privately occupy without taking common areas into account.