About the UCPH Housing Foundation 

We are a group of several employees, many of us with years of experience working with accommodation for international students and staff.

We are:

Søren Peter Hvidegaard Jensen, Director
Mai-Britt Petersen, Housing Coordinator
Rebekka Marie Arborg Poulsen, Housing Coordinator
Xuewen Lu, Housing Coordinator
Mette Børsting, Housing Coordinator 
Sana Khan, Contracts and IT Coordinator (currently on leave)
Sarita Maurya, Contracts and IT Coordinator
Robert B. Roll, Head of Economy
Lena Bech Pedersen, Finance and Accounts Manager

Board of Directors:
Erik Bisgaard Madsen, Chairman
Jan Andresen Nielsen
Lone Lund-Rasmussen


Renting accommodation is less common in Denmark, since most Danes prefer to buy a flat, due to a variety of legal and practical reasons. Unfortunately, this also means that rental accommodation is very hard to find and therefore also very expensive by international standards. Since buying is obviously not an option for students and university staff visiting for a limited period, the UCPH Housing Foundation was founded to help them find rental accommodation.

Our work

The UCPH Housing Foundation is a non-profit organization independent of the University of Copenhagen. The service is not subsidized by the government or the university. All income is used for paying the costs involved in providing the service. 

Most property owners in Denmark do not supply short-term rentals due to the amount of work this generates under existing legal frameworks. In order to make sure that short-term rentals are available for international students and staff, we negotiate with property owners and rent out their flats through our booking system. In return, the UCPH Housing Foundation has to ensure that the rent is paid all year round. We also provide extra services to the building and furnish the apartments, since rental accommodation in Denmark is usually unfurnished. We currently rent out approximately 1250 rooms and are able to office service to approximately 2500 persons a year. 

Our focus is on helping newcomers to Denmark, and part of this means ensuring that there are available rooms and flats. For this reason, we only offer our service to every tenant for one year. If a tenant intends to stay in Denmark for longer, they can spend this first year getting settled before having to find more permanent accommodation on their own. 

The Housing Foundation is the only entity providing housing services for the University of Copenhagen, and we only assist certain kinds of international students and staff. Otherwise, the norm is that students and staff find housing on their own. This often means choosing accommodation in the wider Greater Copenhagen area rather than in the city center, with a commute of 45 minutes being considered normal. 

A word of caution

The rental market in Copenhagen is incredibly competitive. Do not underestimate how difficult it can be to find housing on your own in Copenhagen, especially in the fall semester. The sheer lack of available rental accommodation means it is often difficult to find any accommodation at all, let alone at a price suitable to you. The same goes for using our housing system--if you receive an invitation to our system and choose not to make use of it when you receive it, please be aware that you cannot expect to find many (or even any) vacancies if you change your mind later on.