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Departure from your accomodation


Time flies and it is time to start thinking about some practical things regarding your departure. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us and your accommodation.

Confirm your move-out date & online survey

In the workflow there are 3 steps you need to go through when you are close to your departure, all of which are part of the step "Move-out"

1. Complete the online survey of your residence (your opinion and remarks are important to us and will help us improve our services).

2. Choose how you wish to get your deposit returned

Please ignore the step called 'Confirm move-out date' as it does not affect when the inspection is done.

Responsibilites before departing

Please read the following very carefully, as it includes important information about :

  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Deposits

If you have questions it is important that you ask us in good time, so that you may have a pleasant and unproblematic departure from your residence and Denmark.

Leaving 4 days before your contract ends

Your room must be vacant and the keys returned by 10 am 4 days prior to the last day of your contract. For instance, if your contract end date is July 14th, your room must be vacant by 10am on July 10th. 

After you move out your residence will be inspected. If you plan to leave before the end of your contract, you are welcome to let us know as it may make inspections easier for us. You do so by filling in the departure date in the online system. 

This 4 day period is non-negotiable because it is part of your contract terms. This applies even if the move-out date falls on a Saturday or Sunday or on a holiday - our inspection crew works all week. If you fail to leave your room on time, you will be charged an extra month of rent as dictated by Danish Tenant Law. 


Cleaning the room or apartment and leaving it ready for the next tenant to take over is a part of your agreement with us. Please make sure all areas - kitchen, bathroom, your own room(s) and common areas are cleaned.
You can refer to the cleaning checklist to see how to do a proper cleaning.

If you have purchased any items yourself (such as bed linen), then you need to make sure that these items are not present in the room when you depart. 

For departure cleaning of common areas, there are certain guidelines - please make sure to familiarize yourself with them.


Inspections will take place after your departure. In order for us to be able to inspect the room, you must have all of your personal belongings removed and have cleaned both your room and the common areas according to the above cleaning checklist. Please do not leave anything behind for the new tenant.

Upon your departure, all pre-existing kitchens items need to be present and in good condition at the inspection of your accommodation. You are required to wash the dishes prior to departure so they are clean for the next tenant.

And please remember to close your windows and lock your door when you leave.

If you are leaving Denmark for good

Danish Law commands all people residing in Denmark to notify the Danish Folkeregister when they move from their residence and it is very important that you inform the City of Copenhagen of your departure. See how you must go about notifying "Folkeregisteret" of your departure.

We at the UCPH Housing Foundation wish you Bon Voyage and Good Luck, - we hope that your time at the University of Copenhagen has helped you to achieve your goals.