Getting your deposit back

If everything in your residence is left in an approvable condition after your stay ends, your full deposit will be returned to you.

If you did the initial payment by credit card we can return your deposit to your credit card account after your stay ends, rather swiftly, and you save a fee that we charge to return the deposit using a bank transfer.

Note that it can take up to 8 weeks from your contract ends till you get your deposit back.

In order for us to return your deposit to your credit card:

  • The credit card of the first transaction must still be valid
  • The initial transaction must be at least the deposit amount

The refund of your deposit will only consist of your deposit, not the fee charged by the bank or QuickPay. If you have paid excess rent, this of course will be included in your refund, please see more further down on this page.

For more information please look here.

What do I need to do?

In order to get your deposit back, please make sure to go through the move-out step in your workflow and choose how you want to get your deposit returned. It is your own responsibility to complete this step.

How the step looks in your workflow

If for some reason we are unable to return your deposit to your credit card account, we will return it to you via bank transfer. 

Deduction from your deposit

If for some reason we have to clean or replace anything in your room, the deposit will not be returned to you in full. For those living in shared rooms, repairs, replacements, or additional cleaning needed after your departure will be deducted equally from the students whose contract end on the exact same date – regardless of departure date. This goes for the common areas of shared apartments as well. If, however, you agree that it is only one person that is responsible for the damage or negligence, please make sure to notify us in a letter, signed by all parties.

However, in the end, it is the departing tenant(s) who must ensure that the apartment is clean in all areas at the end of the contract.  If the departure cleaning has not been carried out, it is the departing tenant(s) who will get a bill.  Therefore we strongly recommend that you have cleaning tasks well organized from the start of your co-living. It can be too late – and expensive – to postpone the cleaning policy discussion until someone is departing.

For more information please look here

Returning more than your deposit?

If we are returning more than just your deposit, for instance rent you paid ahead or if you by mistake paid too much in rent, this affects how we can return the money to you. If the total amount to be returned when we close your account exceeds the amount you paid on your initial payment with a credit card, then we cannot return the amount to your credit card, but only via bank tranfer. Example below:

- You paid the first installment with a credit card. The first installment was composed of the deposit (DKK 8000) + the 1st month's rent (DKK 4000): a total of DKK 12.600.

- Your contract has (for some reason) been shortened by 2 months and you already paid rent for the entire period. (In this example the person gets his full deposit returned since he left his accommodation in a spotless condition) 

- Therefore the amount to be returned to you is DKK 8000 (deposit) + DKK 8000 (2 months rent): a total of DKK 16.000. This exceeds your initial payment of DKK 12.600 and therefore we can only return the amount to you via bank transfer which entails a fee of DKK 250 or 150, depending on whether you have a Danish bank account or not.