Return of keys, cards & other items


All keys should be handed in at the UCPH Housing Foundation Office at Njalsgade 76, 4B-0-34 , EXCEPT for the following residences:



Sølvgade Kaserne (Base Camp)

Nordisk Kollegium

Come into the office with the keys (and laundry card/internet USB stick if relevant)...

Opening hours for the UCPH Housing Foundation Office:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30am-12noon and 1pm-3pm

Wednesday: 1pm-3pm

Friday: 10am-12 noon and 1pm-3pm

... Or return them in our mailbox

The mailbox at our office at Njalsgade (islands brygge) is located to the right of the revolving entrance door (please see the red arrow in the map below).

Please pass the dumpsters and then you will be able see a mailbox on the wall. 

Make sure you put everything ( all keys, laundry card)  in an envelope that is marked clearly with: 

  • Name
  • Tenant ID
  • Address
  • Room number, and that key sets are complete and identifiable (tagged).

Please make sure to use a small envelope or a plastic bag since the slot is quite small.


You must hand back your keys on your move-out date (12 noon 7 days before your contract ends; for summer students, 10  am 4 days before your contract ends). Please make sure your keys and other items you were given are handed back into the UCPH Housing Foundation office (or left in our mailbox - please see below), or at the residence's office.

Key(s) should all be handed back, kept together on a key ring and with the ID-tag you received them with. Please do not present us with loose, unidentifiable keys or incomplete key sets. If we do not have the keys on time we will have to make replacements at your cost.

Returning more than just keys?

Laundry cards or key cards must be returned. Replacement cards are DKK 250,- each.

If you received a USB internet stick (only very few residences), this should also be returned to us (including paperwork and pin code). The replacement cost is DKK 375,-

The TDC Homeboxes for internet connection should NOT be returned - please let it stay in the room/apartment for the next tenant to use.

If the tenancy is not vacated in time or the keys are not returned we reserve the right to bill the arriving tenants delay expenses to you: Hotel, storage of luggage, transport and the likes.