Why and when a deduction made from your deposit

A deduction will be made from your deposit if your apartment has any unclean areas or damages. 


Regular cleaning is an important aspect to up-keeping residences. You should be preventing any build-up of grime, dirt, calcium, or grease throughout your stay. 

It is not enough to leave with a tidy room/apartment and showcase far away photos of a neat looking apartment. Your apartment/room should undergo a thorough clean before you depart, and there should be no indication of build-up.

If any area is left unclean, you will be charged the same cost that our cleaning company charges the UCPH Housing Foundation for their services. Denmark is a high-income country so the cost of cleaning is comparatively high to other countries. On top of this, it can also take some time for our cleaners to address build-up so the cost will reflect that as well. 


You will be charged for any broken items due to incorrect use. Wear and tear stemming from normal and correct use of the accommodation is acceptable.

In Denmark, landlords place great importanance on preserving old and new apartments and it is the norm to bring a residence fully back to the state it was in upon move-in, typically involving painting, fixing the floors etc. Since there will almost always be something that needs fixing, it is quite normal not to get a deposit back in full.

This is not how we work. Since our residences are rented out to many different people for quite short periods, we do not expect of our tenants to refurbish the residences upon move-out. We take care (both practically and financially) of the “wear and tear repairs” needed to maintain the standard of apartments.