FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you can find short answers to our most frequently asked questions. You can always find a more detailed explanation in the Booking Manual. 

Who can book housing via the UCPH Housing Foundation?

You can check whether you are eligible for housing by visiting Who do we help?

When can I get an invitation to the online booking system?

Invitations for the fall semester (starts July 1st in our system) will be sent out mid-to late June, invitations for the spring semester (starts January 1st in our system) will be sent out mid-to late November. 

Note that you cannot apply for housing in advance regardless of how early you receive your letter of admission. 

Did I successfully make a booking?

You should always check your contract specific section in your workflow to see whether or not you successfully made a booking. Please check that the residence and the allocation dates match the booking you intended to make. If there seems to be a problem please contact the UCPH Housing Foundation immediately.

What if I have a physical disability that affects my housing choice?

Please read our information about housing for students with physical disabilities and the procedure for applying.

How can I book housing for myself and my partner?

If you're bringing your husband or wife with you to Copenhagen, please make sure you book housing suitable for more than 1 person. Please find more information here as well as in the Booking Manual.

Where do I pick up and return the keys for my residence?

It depends on where you will be living. For most of the residences keys are to be picked up at our office at Njalsgade 76, 4B-0-34, DK-2300 København S, within our opening hours. If you have booked accommodation at Tietgenkollegiet, Signalhuset Kollegiet, Sølvgade or Nordisk Kollegium, keys are to be picked up directly at the residence.

Can I pick up the keys outside of your opening hours?

No, but you’re welcome to have a friend, mentor or other contact person pick up the keys on your behalf within our opening hours – just email us the person’s name and your stated permission for him/her to do this. Your contact person will have to bring ID (passport or identification card with picture) in order to collect the keys.

Please be aware: if you live in the following dorm you will have to pick up the keys directly at the residence and not in our office.

  • Tietgen Kollegium
  • Signalhuset Kollegium
  • Sølvgade /Basecamp collegium
  • Nordisk Kollegium

If a friend will pick up a key for you you will have to contact the dorm and inform them beforehand. Please find the e-mails under housing option.

Can I move in a few days before my contract starts?

No. You can move into your residence from 12noon on the first day of your rental contracts. It is not possible to move in earlier since the room could still be inspected. 

How do I pay for housing?

The easiest and cheapest solution is to pay online using a credit card, but it’s also possible to pay via bank transfer. If you have a Danish bank account, the cheapest solution is actually mobile pay.

Has the Housing Foundation received my payment?

Please go to your workflow, click on the Account Status Step, click on the Account Data Extract, scroll down to the bottom. The payments we have received from you will be shown here.

I can’t make a payment online, what is wrong?

Make sure the amount in your Due Soon box has a MINUS in front of it. If it is not a negative amount, it means the amount has been paid up front, and you do not owe anything soon. You can’t make a payment before you have a due amount in your due soon box – this is to prevent you from paying too much to us. You can also find an explanation for typical payment errors here.

Am I insured?

Only if you take out an insurance policy yourself. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide any insurance for you. Please read  information about insurance here.

Can I shorten my contract?

If you are a student then you cannot shorten your contract, which is binding. However, you have the option to offer up your room from an earlier date than your contract end date, and if another student books your room, your contract will be shortened. You can read more about the option to offer to shorten your contract in the Booking Manual for students.

As staff/researcher you have the right to terminate your contract with a notice of end of the current month + 30 days. Please see more here.

Can I sublet my room?

No. Your booked accommodation is for your personal use only and you are not allowed to sublet your room/residence under any circumstances.

Can I have an overnight guest?

You are welcome to have an overnight guest stay with you for maximum one week, as long as your accommodation has private bathroom and kitchenette.

How do I register for a CPR-number?

You go to Borgerservice with a copy of your rental contract. Please read more here about registration. Remember that you need to register as soon as possible after you move to Denmark.

What do I do in case of an emergency?

Emergencies must be handled by calling 112. Please refer to our emergency page for more details.

Can I apply for housing subsidy?

You can apply for housing subsidy if you’re living in a studio or an apartment where you rent the entire space for yourself (possibly sharing with a partner) and where there’s a kitchen. Furthermore, you must have a rental lease of at least 6 months in order to be eligible. You can find a detailed guide to do the actual application here.

What do I need to think of before I leave Copenhagen?

The most important things you need to think about before leaving is doing a proper departure cleaning and remembering to de-register to the Danish authorities. Please read all of our departure information very carefully.

When and why is a deduction made from my deposit?

If you break something in your residence or if you do not clean sufficiently it will have consequences for the return of your deposit. You can read further about the inspection procedure in our section about Departure. 

When will I get my deposit back?

It can take up to 8 weeks from your contract end date to receive your deposit. Your deposit will be refunded to your credit card (the one you used to make your first payment in the flow, you can’t change the card-information) if the circumstances allow this. If we are not able to refund you to your credit card, you will receive an email asking you to type in your bank information in your workflow, and then the bank transfer will be made as soon as possible. Please find more details on Getting your Deposit back.

My flight leaves really early in the morning, how do I return the keys before I leave?

If you are not able to return the keys in our office within our opening hours, you’re welcome to leave them in our mailbox. The mailbox is located to the right of the revolving entrance door at our office at Njalsgade. Remember to put the keys and possibly other items (laundry card/internet stick) in a sealed envelope with your name written on it. See details on our Key Return page.

When do I have to vacate my room?

You must move out of your residence and return the keys by 12 noon 7 days before your contract ends. This applies even if the move-out date falls on a Saturday or Sunday or on a holiday. Example: your contract ends 14th July – you must move out no later than 7th July at 12 noon. Summer students must move out and return keys by 10 am 4 days before their contract ends. See details on our Departure page.

Why must I vacate the premises 7 (summer students: 4)  days before my rental contract ends, when I pay rent for those days?

This time is used for conducting inspections, cleaning and/or repairs of a large number of rooms before the next tenant moves in. The UCPH Housing Foundation has limited this time gap to only 7 days (4 for summer students) as opposed to 2-3 weeks, which is the legal time frame in Denmark. The Housing Foundation is not able to cover rent for this period.