Private accommodation

Using the Housing Foundation's Private Lessor List

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation also has a list with offers from private landladies/landlords in Copenhagen and surrounding areas. Please be aware that there will be limited options because we have decided to phase out the list. 

The offers are mostly rooms in a house/apartment (typically with shared facilities with landlord) as well as entire apartments. The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation only mediates the contact between tenant and lessor. The rental contract in any private accommodation is made out directly between the two parties.

Is a private accommodation room right for me?

The rooms provided on the private lessor list are generally not a “home-stay” since the concept of a host family is not well-known is Denmark. You will need to be responsible for cooking your own meals. You will need to be independent and accept certain house rules, which include cleaning up after yourself. 

Tenancy agreement

We strongly encourage you to sign a rental agreement with your landlord. You can also refer to our advice when making an agreement. 

As in any rental situation please remember to check out which utilities are included. If you are renting a house you may also need more detailed instructions about practical functions in the house as well as how the local community works in terms of renovation etc.

Here you can find the only official Danish Tenancy Agreement (in Danish). There is a new Tenancy Agreement, A9, per July 1st 2015.

Here you can find an UNOFFICIAL English translation of the tenancy agreement (for comprehension purposes only)

Payment and costs - for Rooms and Homes

Rent is generally paid monthly. There will be a deposit in order to secure the offer. The UCPH Housing Foundation suggests to all lessors that the deposit should be equivalent to one month's rent but some may ask for a deposit of three months’ rent. Some offers also have pre-paid rent to be paid. All in all, you should expect terms to vary depending on the offer. However, most rooms will have one month’s deposit and a monthly rental amount.

You should expect the cheaper offers to be located in the outskirts of Copenhagen. 

Price range for a room

A room will typically be DKK 4500-6000 per month depending on the size of the room, the location of the tenancy, and the type of builidng. 

We do not recommend that you try to negotiate the price of a rented room. Due to cultural traditions, and sheer competition you may risk that the landlady/landlord is no longer willing to rent out to you. 

The price range for private homes

The price of homes can vary wide as a home may be anything from a small studio flat to a huge villa but the core range will be between DKK 7000 and 15000 depending on size,  location and facilities. You should be prepared that deposits may be large and you may be asked to pay three months’ rent or even the entire rent in advance. Also there may be other request  that you must have a personal liability insurance.