Signing a lease

When you are about to sign a rental agreement, please read the terms carefully and make sure they describe clearly what you have agreed to.  Do not sign a lease without reading the terms – a rental agreement is a legal contract. Do not pay any deposit in advance without having a contract. 

A number of provisions in the Tenants Laws are mandatory with no option to negotiate less protection for a tenant. Other provisions can be negotiated and may offer a tenant less protection than what the Tenants Laws prescribe.

If you use the standard rental agreement developed by the Danish Ministry of Housing, which is preferred by landlords, the text in bold and italics are terms, which are valid deviations from the Tenants Laws.

There is no official translation of the standard rental agreement in English; however we have made an unofficial English translation which is merely for comprehension purposes.

In case of any inconsistencies between the official Danish version and the unofficial English translation, the Danish version is authoritative.

Make a note of the rent and what it consists of  - is heating, water etc. included? You can be asked to pay up to three months deposit and three months advance payment of rent, which is within the terms of the law. The notice of termination is typically three months. Do pay your rent any utilities and regulation of rent on the due date. If you don't, it is a reason for eviction.

Also make sure to read and understand the move-out conditions - are you required to refurbish (paint etc.) the rented property when you move-out? This is a quite common term in Denmark.