Housing Options for Staff

The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation provides rooms/apartments in different residential areas of Copenhagen and not on the university campuses. Staff can opt to rent a private apartment or a shared apartment. Staff can also have the option to rent a studio in a dorm, or a shared room. 

It is not allowed to sublet the room/residence you rent via the UCPH Housing Foundation - your booked accommodation is for your personal use only.

We have very limited options for a family. Most residences are for an individual, and there are also some options for couples. 

To begin searching for a staff apartment, please refer to the following links:

Arriving with children

If you have children, you will need to book a private apartment. It is not possible to stay with childen in any of our halls of residence or in a shared apartment. The number of children you have as well as their age influence the type of apartment you can book. You would need to bring a crib yourself, as we don't provide cribs in any of our apartments.

Apartments suitable for families with children are found at the following residences:

Please contact us for more details in case you're considering any of these options.