Apartments – University of Copenhagen


Some apartments have been renovated to fit modern standards, but the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms are often very small. All apartments have been used by previous tenants so please expect some degree of wear and tear. Some apartments date back one or two hundred years. 

If you are coming to Copenhagen accompanied by someone who is not affiliated with the University (whether they are a spouse, partner or friend) this might be the right option for you.

Things to consider

  • Some apartments require that you pay electricity directly to the supplier, so it will not be part of your monthly rent. It will be stated on your rental contract if this is the case. 
  • Your neighbours may not necessarily be tenants of the Housing Foundation

To get an idea of the options we offer, please click on the specific residence below. The apartments vary in size, type, and facilities. Not all apartments allow children, so make sure to read the descriptions carefully.

Private Apartments

Please make sure you book a room intended for 2 people (with 2 beds) if you are arriving with a spouse. See more here.