Rovsingsgade Apartment

The residence is situated in the eastern part of Copenhagen on the border between Nørrebro and Østerbro. It is close to public transport, located in a calm neighborhood but still in close proximity to cafés and shops as well as Fælledparken, a very popular and large public park.

Deciding whether Rovsingsgade is right for you

The apartment in Rovsingsgade is reserved for staff. It is a good option for a couple either without kids or with 1-2 kids.


Rovsingsgade 79, 1st floor right
2200 Copenhagen N


You can find a map of the residence here.

Type of accommodation

The UCPH Housing Foundation so far has one 3-room (2 bed room) apartment in Rovsingsgade. The apartment has private kitchen and bathroom.

Furthermore we have 8 shared apartments elsewhere in the building complex (Sigynsgade and Vermundsgade) for students and PhD students


The 3-room apartment consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 living room and is 83 square meters in gross size and 75 in net size.

Furniture and inventory lists

Please find an inventory list for the apartment here (to come)

Our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time.

You are welcome to put in furniture of your own, BUT you are also required to remove it again upon departure - if you do not, the UCPH Housing Foundation will have to remove it on your behalf and forward the bill (easily a few thousand DKK) directly to you.


The apartment has a private bathroom.


The apartment has a private kitchen.

Internet connection and TV

An internet connection is available in the apartment. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with a TV. By Danish law, everyone who has an internet connection must pay media license. This expense is not included in your rent.

If you are having connection issues, please email the housing foundation for your DSL number and contact instructions. You must always contact the Telenor Support Center if you experience problems with your internet connection - the UCPH Housing Foundation does not have an IT department and cannot assist you in this matter. Telenor Support Center: 72 12 00 00


The residence is located approximately 5 minutes from Nørre Campus by bike and 10-15 minutes by foot. To reach Frederiksberg Campus you should expect 20 minutes by public transportation or bike. Søndre Campus can be reached within approximately 30 minutes by bike or public transportation while travel time to City Campus is around 15 minutes by bike or 20-25 minutes by bus.

Please use to see travelling times with public transportation and to plan your trip.


The spring 2019 rent (including utilities) is approximately DKK 11.600 a month (paid quarterly). You can see the precise rental amounts in the online booking system.

Applying for housing subsidy

It is possible to apply for housing subsidy if you live in the apartment in Rovsingsgade for a minimum of 6 months.

Living room

Desk in living room


Kitchen table

Smaller bedroom

Larger bedroom

Bedroom closet