Shared Apartments

Housing is scarce in Copenhagen, which means that it is difficult for everyone to have their own quaint, cheap flat. In order to keep rental costs down, some apartments could be shared between 2-5 people. If you wish to stay in a shared apartment, it requires you to cooperate with your flatmates and take on common responsibilities. 

Things to consider

  • Some apartments require that you pay electricity directly to the supplier, so it will not be part of your monthly rent. It will be stated on your rental contract if this is the case. 
  • Your neighbours may not necessarily be tenants of the Housing Foundation
  • The Housing Foundation does not offer shared apartments that are same sex only. 

For more information about a particular shared apartment, please click on the specific residence below.

Shared Apartments for Staff Only

Common areas means common responsibilities

It is mandatory that everyone sharing a common space undertakes the following: 

  • Participates in cleaning and maintenance of the common areas. If there is a cleaning schedule, then you must respect it. 
  • If there is a bill for damages/cleaning upon inspection of the common areas the bill will be split between both the tenants in the shared room
  • Pays attention to the other tenants living there and respect that everyone must compromise to the extent where you can both study and socialize in the residence.
  • Adheres to the general house rules in the hall of residence.
  • Is prepared to face and address issues with the other residents and solve problems in a civilized and democratic fashion. The University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation solely gets involved if the tenants are from the Housing Foundation and have already attempted a solution on their own.