Hall of Residence: Signalhuset Kollegiet

Signalhuset is located in the area in Amager called Ørestad and is within walking distance to the metro from where you can easily get to central Copenhagen. It is a modern hall of residence built in 2006 and a somewhat untraditional hall of residence in the sense that is divided into apartments with single rooms for 4 students who share two bathrooms and one kitchen with a small common area. Ørestad is a newly developed area and there is still some construction going on in the area and greenery etc. has not yet been fully established. Across the street from Signalhuset you find Fields shopping mall, so it is easy for you to do your daily shopping.

Important things to consider before choosing this residence
  • This dorm has an Administration and Handling fee. You can see the fee amount here. 
  • The residence falls under social housing, and according to Danish Law, you must have a contract directly with them as well. Your contract with us is a formal agreement that allows you to get access to the apartment so you still need to follow the terms in our contract. This includes paying the deposit and rent to the Housing Foundation. 
  • You must pick up your keys directly at Signalhuset; note that you must make an appointment for pick-up within Monday -Thursday: 8.00-14.00 and Friday: 8.00-11.00 am. 

Key pick up

You must pick up your keys and a laundry card directly at the Signalhuset office. This requires an appointment with the inspectors: Telephone: +45 3262-3201. Please leave a voicemail outside office hours. You can also e-mail the building inspectors at: signalhuset@bo-vest.dk . Please email them with the exact date and time of your arrival. You can then get an appointment for picking up your keys within these intervals:

  • Monday -Thursday: 8.00-14.00
  • Friday: 8.00-11.00

If you are unable to make an appointment you must ask a mentor to pick up the keys on your behalf; to do so, send en email to the inspectors saying: “I (your name) confirm that (mentor’s name) is picking up my keys on my behalf” and specify when.

Please note that December 31st  2019 and January 1st  2020 are public holidays in Denmark. 

Returning your keys

You are welcome to return your keys and a laundry card directly at the Signalhuset office during their open hours. If you need to return the keys and laundry card outside the open hours, please put the keys and laundry card in an envelope with your name and room number on, and return them to the mailbox of Signalhuset office. 

Deciding whether Signalhuset Kollegiet is right for you

Signalhuset Kollegiet is reserved for students, and is a good option for those wanting a social atmosphere. This also requires you to do what you can to get along with other students, and rules such as participating in cleaning chores, solving disputes, being considerate when playing music or having guests over, etc., are upheld to a higher degree than at a traditional hall of residence.

Here are a couple of student produced videos of what it's like to live at Signalhuset:


Videos produced by Olivia Parkinson


Signalhuset kollegium
Arne Jacobsens Allé 11 A-E
2300 Copenhagen S

You can find a map of the residence here.

Type of Accommodation

Signalhuset houses 288 students. The UCPH Housing Foundation facilitates 193 of these to International students at the University of Copenhagen. The rooms are specific, so if you hear about a vacancy in the residence it may not be a room which the UCPH Housing Foundation has access to. Most of the other rooms in the residence are facilitated by the organisation called CIU to Danish students and international full degree students. These rooms do not have the services from the UCPH Housing Foundation of furniture, lower deposit etc.

The Signalhuset kollegium is divided into sections which resembles individual apartments. Each section consists of 4 single rooms which each share 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen/small common area. The apartments are mixed gender. The hall of residence has elevators and a laundry mat. There is also a party room which can be rented for social events.
The rooms are approx. 10-12 m2 excluding your share of the common areas and 20-25 m2 including your share of the common areas.

Furniture and inventory list 

Please find an inventory list for rooms in Signalhuset Kollegium here.

Our various housing is not identically furnished; places have different sizes lay-outs and the furniture has been acquired at different points in time. You are welcome to put in furniture of your own, BUT you are also required to remove it again upon departure - if you do not, the UCPH Housing Foundation will have to remove it on your behalf and forward the bill (easily a few thousand DKK) directly to you. The common areas are usually already furnished by Danish students living in the apartment but if they are empty; the international student can apply for a table and chairs and/or a sofa for the common areas.

Each section has 2 bathrooms which are to be shared between the 4 students.

Each section has 1 kitchen which is to be shared between the 4 students.

Laundry is included in your rent. There is a laundromat in the base of the building.
If your laundry card does not work, it has most likely not been "opened" since the last student. Please contact the inspectors in Signalhuset. Note that detergents and fabric softener is automatically fed into the machines.

Party Room

There is a party room which you can rent for parties, showing movies etc. The board at Signalhuset is in charge of bookings, they can be contacted at signalhusetcommonroom@gmail.com

Internet connection and TV
You will be able to gain access to the Internet. The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with a TV. By Danish law, everyone who has an internet connection must pay media license to the Danish public broadcaster DR. This expense from DR is not included in your rent.

Signalhuset is located in the area in Amager is within walking distance to the metro station called Ørestad. The University of Copenhagen in Amager is where the Danish language course and the Faculty of Humanities are located but the easy metro connection makes the residence suitable for students studying in any department. Please use www.rejseplanen.dk to see a map and travelling times with public transportation.

The fall 2018 price range including utilities (but excluding service fees) is approximately DKK 3959 to 4050 a month (paid quarterly). There may be a small rental rise of 1-2% for the Spring 2019 booking round. You can see the precise rental amounts in the online system.



Example of a room

Example of a room

Example of a bathroom

Common kitchen