Accommodation for summer students

The UCPH Housing Foundation offers accommodation for students going to the University of Copenhagen to attend a summer course. Below you can read about the types of accommodation we offer, possible rental periods, the online booking system and general rules and conditions.

Types of accommodation

Summer students can choose from most student Housing Options provided that there are vacancies due to Spring students deciding to leave earlier. Exceptions are Bikuben Kollegiet, Tietgenkollegiet and Øresund, as these halls of residence do not offer short term rental. 

You might experience that some residences will not be as populated due to our spring students departing earlier. Also, fall students generally arrive in August or September. 

Should you fail to see your desired option on the booking system, you can check again at a later time or date to see if it will appear, or you can opt to book something else to secure yourself. We cannot guarantee that the booking system which showcase your exact desired dates or housing options. It is advised that you have 4-5 housing options in mind before entering the booking system. 

Booking the same residence as your peers

Students attending the same course who wish to be accommodated in the same hall of residence or shared apartment should simply agree to book a room in the same residence, when using the booking system. The Housing Foundation does not reserve rooms for groups nor does it conduct group bookings at an entire residence. It is up to the individual summer student to look for the specific residence and book. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee any number of vacant rooms in the same residences.

The chances of finding accommodation together as a group are highest in these 4 halls of residences, where we have the most rooms:

Rental periods

Summer students can only rent a room/apartment for a minimum of 1 month up to a maximum of 2 months. Before you browse through our vacancies, you can ask the system to search within the following rental periods: 

- July 1st  - July 31st

- July 15th – August 14th

- July 1st – August 31st

- August 1st – August 31st

It might be that your desired residence is not available at your desired rental period. Please pay attention to the contract start dates stated on the system when you are booking your room. Contract start dates are based on when the room/apartment is physically available. We do not modify contract dates according to your travel/study dates. 

Important things to consider about your dates

When planning your stay, you should also take into account that you are always required to move out 4 days before the last day of the rental contract. For example, if your contract ends August 14th, your move-out date is August 10th at 10am.

Please be careful to book for a standard period that covers your entire stay, and takes this 4 day period into account. Otherwise, pleack check the list of hotels in Copenhagen.

Modifications to your contract

Once you have signed a contract, you do not have the option to shorten your contract as a summer student. There is no "shortening offer" function in the booking system. 

You can opt to extend to the end of the summer period, provided that no one has booked your room after your original end date. You cannot extend your housing beyond the summer period, which is the 31st of August. 


You can find average rental prices under each residence description, but please find the exact price of a specific residence in the booking system. Prices may vary from semester to semester. 

Standard fees apply irrespective of whether you are a summer student or not. Please find our list of fees here. Please bear in mind that our fee system can change from semester to semester. 

Some summer school programmes might cover your rent. If this is the case, please pay special attention to the section about "payment by third parties" in the summer booking manual. You must actively enable to third party to make the payment. 

If you plan to study in the fall as well

Your fall admissions and your summer admission are two separate processes. This means that if you are invited in the summer, you cannot use your summer user ID for the fall as well or extend your contract after summer. If you are eligible for housing in the fall, you will receive an entirely new ID, and you will need to start the process afresh, which includes booking another accommodation and making a deposit payment again. 

Your eligibility for fall housing is contingent on you fulfilling our criteria, and is dependent on your faculty deeming you eligible. If you believe you are eligible for fall housing and have signed up for summer housing, then please contact the Housing Foundation so we can inhibit any errors. Failing to do so will result in an unsuccessful invitation for the fall. 


You can move into your residence from 12 noon on the first day of your rental contract. All keys are to be picked up at the UCPH Housing Foundation office, except for a few dorms, where keys are to be picked up directly at the residence. Please read all about key pick-up and planning your arrival, here.

If you are not able to pick up the keys within the opening hours of the office where your keys are to be picked up, you can designate a friend or contact person to pick up the keys on your behalf, by sending an email with an authorization.

Keys cannot be picked up outside of our opening hours. We are closed on weekends, so please plan your travels accordingly


Please make sure to read the departure information on our website carefully before you leave your accommodation. Among other things, even if your stay is short, you are required to do a spring cleaning when you depart. 

Remember that you are required to move out at 10am 4 days before the last day of your contract. Keys should be returned to the same office where you picked them up.