Payment information

In this section you will find useful information regarding all aspects of your payment such as how you pay via bank transfer, why and how you pay a security deposit, the different payment plans for students and guests, and our detailed list of fees. Below you can see when the different fees become binding when using the booking system.

Late Payment Reminder Fee

Approximately every 14 days you will receive a service message from the Finance and Accounts department of the UCPH Housing Foundation. This service message is merely to remind you that you have a payment coming up.

If you miss a payment deadline we will charge a Late Payment Reminder Fee continuously every other week until your payment is received. The service message does not exempt you from being charged a late payment fee if you do not pay on time.

Bank Transfer Fee

If you pay via bank transfer the UCPH Housing Foundation charges a fee for reception. Note that your own bank might charge an additional fee.

Transfers might take several days so make sure you take care of everything well in advance. Payments via bank may incur fees from your own bank.