NB: Per January 1st 2017 the deposit will be DKK 8000 for all types of residences. The increase only applies to bookings made on or after January 1st 2017, not to bookings made priror to this date.

You pay a security deposit of DKK 8000, unless otherwise stated in your rental agreement.
The deposit will be used to cover any repairs due to damage caused by you (in your room or in the common areas), replacement of keys/locks, post-departure cleaning or other things that might have to be fixed at your expense. In other words: if the room is left in an unsatisfactory condition at the end of the semester, the deposit (or part of it) will not be returned to you.

If, during your stay, you cause damages or repairs for more than DKK 1.500,-, the UCPH Housing Foundation can ask you to pay an additional amount in deposit.

If you take good care of your room and the common facilities in your residence the deposit will be returned to you within eight weeks after your departure. You will receive more information about this before the end of your stay.

Return of deposit to a credit card

The deposit or other returns can only be returned to the credit card used for the initial payment if your initial payment covers the equal costs as the amount to be returned, and if the credit card used is still valid at the time when the deposit can be returned and if nothing blocks your card from receiving money directly from our bank.

  • The credit card of the first transaction must still be valid
  • The initial transaction must be at least the deposit amount
  • NB. We cannot change the credit card information. The refund will be made to the exact card used to do the initial payment, if the requirements above are met.

Note: the refund of your deposit will only consist of your deposit, not the fee charged by the bank or QuickPay. If you have paid excess rent, this of course will be included in your refund, please see more further down on this page.

We have tried to illustrate why it's important that your initial payment contains as a minimum the deposit in order for us to return it to your credit card at the end of your stay:

In this example the initial payment made by Mr Y is DKK 8000. If the amount to be returned to Mr Y's credit card at the end of his stay is more than DKK 8000, it would not be possible to return the full amount to his credit card, instead we would be obliged to do a bank transfer.

Another option is to pay your deposit via bank transfer and then pay your rent via credit card.

Return of deposit via bank transfer

If your credit card isn’t valid, or other circumstances make it impossible for us to return the amount directly to your card, we charge a fee (see list of fees). When the system is unable to return the deposit to your credit card, a new step in your workflow will appear (The “Bank Account step”). In this step you have to fill out all informations in order for us to return your deposit via bank transfer. If the information you give us is incorrect or insufficient, we charge an additional fee for contacting you again to acquire the necessary information from you.

Returning more than your deposit?

If we are returning more than just your deposit, for instance rent you paid ahead or if you by mistake paid too much in rent, this affects how we can return the money to you. If the total amount to be returned when we close your account exceeds the amount you paid on your initial payment with a credit card, then we cannot return the amount to your credit card, but only via bank tranfer. Example below:

- You paid the first installment with a credit card. The first installment was composed of the deposit (DKK 8000) + the 1st month's rent (DKK 4000): a total of DKK 12600.

- Your contract has (for some reason) been shortened by 2 months and you already paid rent for the entire period. (In this example the person gets his full deposit returned since he left his accommodation in a spotless condition).

- Therefore the amount to be returned to you is DKK 8000 (deposit) + DKK 8000 (2 months rent): a total of DKK 16.000. This exceeds your initial payment of DKK 12600 and therefore we can only return the amount to you via bank transfer which entails a fee.