Payment via bank transfer

The best and cheapest way for you to pay is via credit card in our online system. However, if you have to transfer via an international bank transfer, please consider that when transferring money from your bank account in your home country, it is important that you remember to indicate the swift code and beneficiary as well as the correct registration and account numbers, or if applicable the IBAN number (please also refer to our web-site for further payment information).

Please be aware that the transfer procedure might take several days; so make sure you take care of everything well in advance. Making an international money transfer can be costly since the involved banks often add extra fees. You are responsible for paying these.

The UCPH Housing Foundation charges a fee for receiving a payment via bank transfer.

You can see our list of fees here

What is SWIFT?

Swift stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It provides a financial message communications service among banks in over 120 countries. The banks use it, among other things, to make international payments. Some banks use a routing number or perhaps even have a third name for it. Ask your home bank what information is needed to make an international money transfer.

What is IBAN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. When you want to make an international bank transfer to the UCPH Housing Foundation, please use the IBAN number below.

When the UCPH Housing Foundation has to make an international bank transfer to you, we need your IBAN number. You can ask your own bank for this number.

Bank account details for the UCPH Housing Foundation  

Bank: Danske Bank 
Registration number: 4180 
Account number: 10364183 
IBAN: DK9530000010364183 (BIC) / SWIFT: DABADKKK
Account holder: Københavns Universitets Boligfond af 2008

Bank Address

Danske Bank
Erhvervscenter København
Holbergsgade 2
1057 Copenhagen K

If you make a bank transfer please provide the transfer with your Tenant ID from your workflow.