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Please take a look at and familiarize yourself with our list of fees to avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings. 

The fees are evaluated once a year (typically before the fall semester) and therefore are subject to change.

  • Tenants with a contract beginning before spring semester 2018 must adhere to the following fees. 

Mandatory fees

The following fees only apply for tenants with a contract for Signalhuset, Øresunds, Tietgen, and Kagså.

Administration and Handling: DKK 2700 (one time cost applied to the beginning of each semester)

Furniture Services: DKK 250 per person per month (DKK 500 at Tietgen)

Other fees where applicable. Across all dorms

Moving fee DKK 625,

Early Cancellation fee DKK 2000,

Withdrawal fee DKK 3000,

Replacing lost keys/chips: DKK 500 administration fee + the exact invoice charge for each lost keys,chips and/or lock changes.

Mishandling of keys: DKK 300 (If you require personnel to open your room door between 16:00-08:00. The fee is applied for each subsequent occurence, irrespective of hours.) Letting you in is not a general service we provide so you should not expect (nor rely on) the housing staff and RAs to be available at all times.

Replacing a lost or broken laundry card DKK 250,

Replacing a lost internet USB stick DKK 375,

Wrong sorting / disposal of garbage DKK 200,

The price per hour of extra cleaning DKK 440,

The price per hour of repairing damages DKK 440,

Reception of a payment via bank transfer DKK 250,

Repaying the deposit via a bank transfer to a Danish account DKK 150

Repaying the deposit via a bank transfer To a Foreign account DKK 250

Transfering via Mobile Pay: DKK 25

Difficulties Regarding Bank Transfers DKK 500,

Late Payment Reminder DKK 270,

Compulsory Change of Locks DKK 500 administration fee + the exact invoice charge for change of locks including a new set of keys/chips.

Shortening of Contract DKK 535 (per hour)