Moving fee (If you move from one residence to another during your stay): DKK 625

Booking fee: 525

Early Cancellation Fee: DKK 2000

Withdrawal fee: DKK 3000

Replacing lost keys / failure to hand back keys in time: DKK 500

Replacing a lost or broken laundry card: DKK 250

Replacing a lost internet USB stick: DKK 375

The price per hour of extra cleaning (extra cleaning needed after move-out or during stay): DKK 440

The price per hour of repairs needed (after move-out or during stay): DKK 440

Reception of a payment via bank transfer (When you pay via bank transfer): DKK 250

Repaying the deposit via a bank transfer (See the details in the Booking Manual): DKK 500

Difficulties Regarding Bank Transfers (Administration of manual handling of bank transfers): DKK 500

Late Payment Reminder (When you have not made sufficient payment within the due date): DKK 270

Compulsory Change of Locks (If your lock has to be changed): DKK 2000

Manual handling of shortening of contracts (for students only): DKK 300